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Tony M

Remember 1999
Sep 19, 1999
What a boring Sunday.
Nothing on TV but XFL and Nascar. Yee Haw.
So most of the day was Channel Surfing until I found the Travel Chanel. I got hooked on the "Secrets of Hollywood".
I found out that the Disney Studio is closed to the public yearlong with the only exception being the one day in December that they open their doors to their local neighbors for a "Christmas Party". There is no guest list and they do not check I.D.'s so if you want in, you just stroll right through the gates.
Even more interesting was the "Universal Studios Hollywood" info. Now everyone knows about the regular tour, but they spent almost half the show showing the perks of the VIP Tour. It is about three times the cost of the one day admission but the stuff you saw and did was amazing.
Unlike the Florida version, Universal Studios Hollywood features a tram tour of a real, working studio with a few gimics thrown in for excitement. The Regular tour is a tram ride through the backlot of the studio and is very informative about the history of Hollywood films and their production.
The VIP tour goes one step further. You ride the same tram but it is limited to your small VIP group. You also get to stop at key locations and get out and walk through the studios and prop rooms that the regular tour just drives on by.
This IS the studio tour that any movie buff would be interested in. It look like an all access pass into movie history.


Barry Hom
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I used to give these tours a couple years ago before our departments split. These tours now include (last I heard)lunch at the executive cafe. We basically took our guests whereever they wanted to go. We also personally escorted them through the VIP entrances at all the attractions and sometimes depending on time constraints took them to the operating centers of each attraction and explained how they work. It really is worth it. In order to participate just walk into guest relations and ask to take the VIP tour or you can make reservations just call 1(818)622-3735 that is the guest relations front desk number and they can make the reservations themselves or direct you to the proper dept.


Tony-there is also a tour at UO-prices and information are available by calling (407)363-8295.


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