UCONN Basketball Could Leave over compensation dispute; Debate!


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May 17, 2004
Connecticut hasn't met a law it doesn't like. Coaches Jim Calhoun and Gino Auriama have 7 national championships between them as they coached the mens' and womens' UConn Basketball teams to victory. They are paid by the State of Ct. In addition to their salaries, both engage in outside deals. Calhoun advertizes for Webster Bank. Gino make cut a deal with Nike Sneakers. These outside deals do not interfere with their coaching, infringe on University time, etc. An "ethics" law in Ct. is now about to be either legislated or enforced that says that "no state employee can capitalize on their fame". How ridiculous is that! The bottom line is, if this happens, Jim and Gino will either demand more money, thus costing the tax payers more money or they will go to another state which will not place these restrictions on them; again resulting in a financial loss for the state. UConn basketball games produce a lot of revenue, notariety for the school and are always sold out. Well, you know how I feel.


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