Two Weeks Till Our WDW Honeymoon!

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    Feb 27, 2013

    My name is Liz and I was recently referred to the site.

    My husband and I, both students, are going to be visiting WDW during Spring Break (great timing, I know!!) for our late honeymoon. We are not going to be traveling with kids, I just love Disney World even though I haven't been there more than 5 times in my entire 22 years of life.

    Well, I've basically taken the liberty of doing all my own planning and researching. We're driving from Chicago so it will be a good 17 hours and 43 minutes per Google Maps (or 19-20 hours realistically speaking). This is probably one of the most dreaded drives I've ever had to go through. We are staying at a value resort because I wanted all the perks of being on Disney property without having to break the bank too much. I think we are likely the least prepared monetarily to be making the trip, so I am thinking long and hard about what we can do to save money!

    So, about us: We got married last October but due to a job loss we had to postpone our honeymoon. Since we are both in school, we absolutely had to go down for Spring Break instead of the week before or after, in order to avoid the absences. We both work FT, go to school, and I volunteer, so our lives are pretty hectic, very busy, and we could really use the vacation! :hug:

    My husband has never been to WDW, so he has no idea what to expect!

    Well, I will take a look around to see what I find, but if anyone has any suggestions of places that would be good for newlyweds traveling without kids, please let me know!

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