two weeks notice


volleyball playa
Jul 8, 2002
Has anybody seen two weeks notice before i saw it new years eve night it was like really good as any body seen it?
I just saw it tonight! I liked it alot! Sandra Bullock is really good in it, so is Hugh Grant!:jester:
oh i want to see that movie,, it looks really cute!
I saw it last was really good. I thought it was along the same lines as Maid in Manhattan. If you saw MiM and liked it then you will def. like two weeks notice!
I saw it!!! Its was pretty cool, but i was insulted by one part... (I'm from Kentucky)
Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock?! Sounds like I have to see that if and when if arrives in the UK!
I saw the movie Friday Night.. IT WAS SOOO GOOD!! I Love Sandra Bullock, i think she is soo cute (but i didn't like the whole bangs look on her LOL)


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