Two ?'s about APs


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Sep 17, 2001
1) We will be arriving at WDW around 8 pm. or so with our AP vouchers. Am I correct in thinking I have to activate them before I can check in? If so what will be my best bet to activate them at that time?

2) When I bought my vouchers at my local Disney store I was given a receipt and told they would be sent to the store in about 30 days. My receipt was for 2 adult and 1 child AP, but my name was on all 3 receipts, will my name be on all 3 vouchers? Or are the vouchers generic and assigned to someone when they are activated?

OK so it's really more than 2 questions, but thank you in advance for your help.


Jun 12, 2002
I can only answer the first question.

Unless you are planning on going to the parks after you check in, you do not need to activate your AP the night you arrive. You should have no problem checking in with the vouchers.

Don't activate the AP until you are actually going into a park, that way you get the most usable days from your pass.

Hopefully someone else can answer your other questions!


We have never had to show our AP's and we have had AP rates for 3 years now:earseek:

I've heard of people who show the voucher when they check in and then show the actual passes when you get them the next day.

I'm not sure about the name situation on the vouchers. I do know each person with have an AP with their name on it.


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Aug 18, 1999
I've purchased the AP vouchers several times. The back of the ticket will indicate whether it is an adult's voucher or a child's voucher. There are no names on vouchers - many people buy the vouchers as gifts. Disney even had a promotion a year or so ago that encouraged that. It doesn't matter whose name is on the receipt.

Personal information is collected when the voucher is exchanged for the actual pass. The actual pass will have the passholder's name printed on the back and his/her personal info will be encoded onto the magnetic strip. A biometric finger scan is used to ensure that only the same person uses the pass throughout the year. (Children's fingers are not scanned, though). I the scan fails, the CM will usually ask for ID to verify that the pass belongs to the person attempting to enter.