Two more Disneyland Questions re: Quick Service Food and Late Night Crowd


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Nov 7, 2005
So two more questions re: my trip tomorrow. First, are there any quick service places I should avoid? I'll be at the park from around 8 am-11:30 am and again from 4:30 pm to close, and I'm leaning towards French Market for an early lunch and Pacific Wharf for dinner, but will probably just play it by ear. And since it's only a day I don't want to do a table service place.

Second, what are the crowds like after 9 pm or so? I plan on going to Disneyland in the morning, then heading over to DCA when I return in the evening to ride California Screamin (renamed now I believe), Guardians, and maybe RSR before heading back to Disneyland for close. Wondering if the crowds start thinning out as the night gets later.

Oh, and a third question--what's the single rider line like for California Screamin? I'd definitely like to do that a couple of times.

Thanks again!
I love French Market. In DCA I personally would get the vegetarian chili at cozy cones and the vegetarian sandwich at award wieners. If I wanted a full meal instead of two “snacks” I’d go to boardwalk pizza & pasta.
The only place to avoid is Captain Kidd's Buffet across the street from the parks on Harbor -- unless you like super cheap restaurants where people get sick.
Inside the parks and in DTD, CS is quite good -- most people here remark that it is surprisingly better than CS at WDW.
California Screamin is gone - now it is Incredicoaster. SR is usually a decent option for IC.

I think Pacific Wharf Cafe is a great option.


Not sure what you were hoping to do in the evening at Disneyland until close...but we headed to Fantasyland on Thursday night at 10pm (midnight close) and rode Dumbo, Carrousel x 2, Snow White, Toad, Pinnochio, and Alice in about an hour and 15 minutes. We had ridden Peter Pan the night before. We got in line at 10:58 with an 11:00 closing time and had a 20 minute wait.


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