true believers and 7 ? believers: They said what???

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by wld, Jan 24, 2001.

  1. wld

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    Sep 23, 1999
    cast of believers
    dh 42 When are we going back
    me DW how about in 2 years
    dd 18 save room for me
    dd 14 lets go
    ? believers
    DS 30 something last visit 18 years ago
    her DH never been, this will be expensive
    DN 16 can't wait
    DNephew 9 let's go
    Dnephew 4 I'm only going for the plane ride
    Grandma (my Mom) we're spending the money
    Grandpa (my Dad) there better be a McDonald's cause I'm eating hamburgers all week

    Up early as this is the day the ? believers come
    (the believer idea is crystallized a few days later). We love Disney but are a little nervous how others will love it. Well I'm nervous, as the oldest I always feel responsible. The only other person to be at disney besides my 4 is my sister.
    Anyway we eat at the Pepper Market which we love and get ready to transfer to CBR.
    The CM comes to get our luggage and tells us it will be at CBR sometime before 3pm. We say "aren't you taking us?" He tells us that they normally do not, and I tell him what they had said last night. I tell him honestly that we were suprised that they said we would be taken too, since that is not the info I had gotten on these boards. Well he is delighted over the mistake, saying "They are always yelling at us over something, can't wait to get them." And he phones the front desk from our room. He then tells us to come with him there is a van waiting for us and our luggage. We must have looked at him funny, because he said "We're like brothers and sisters, love to fight amoung ourselves in a well, family way." Great! and we're in the van on our way to CBR what at timesaver.
    The female driver unfortunately drives right by the resort so we arrive from the scenic view.
    CM are there and helpful with our luggage and we wait in line to check in. It's now about 11:00am we will wait about 30 minutes delightfully entertained by a CM with jokes. Although are daughters are older he spends alot of time checking their reflexes in trying to grab a magazine he is handing them. And when he found out they were on a basketball team!!! maybe you had to be there, but the wait seemed alot shorter and the girls loved it when he snuck (is that a word) a sticker on their dad's camera case and he didn't know it. Our room wasn't ready but thats ok we're dressed in shorts now and ready to hit the parks until the rest of our party gets here/the room is ready. The first bus says EPCOT so we go!!
    I used to love the big open courtyard going into Epcot so, well I've been back twice now and I still hate those tombstone things. otherwise we're making each other drink yucky stuff at Ice Station Cool and in general blowing off a little excitement. But 80 is really hot when you are used to 10 so we eat at the electric umbrella (not bad for ff) and yea!! our room is ready. AS we walk down the hallway there is the rest of the party. In a couple of words they (or some of them) are a little hot and grumpy from waiting by the pool for two hours in jeans and sweatshirts. Now word to the novices that I didn't think about. Pack either some shorts or your suit someplace easy to get to before you let them store your luggage and you're set!!! Alex (4) is thrilled to see my dd2, his favorite as this is why he came (besides the plane ride).

    A word about requests: 4 days before we left I faxed a request, Martinique or Trinidad north, 3 rooms close together and connecting rooms. I did mention Grandma's arthritis, bone spurs and arthritis. We were in Martinique 24, end closes to food court, ground floor 2424 and 2425, connecting and 2426. We had a beautiful view of landscaping, and couldn't even see the parking lot. it was about 3 minutes to the food court one way and 3 minutes to the bus stop the other and maybe 1.5 minutes to the quiet pool. We're happy

    The room was clean, we had washcloth animals, and there was a tiny amount of wear on the posts of the bed I wouldn't even have noticed if there hadn't been complaints about CBR on this site.
    We asked for and recieved extra pillows and an extra blanket(dds share a bed but not a blanket) in record time and we hit the pool.

    We enjoyed the pool and the Florida sunshine for a couple of hours, ate at the foodcourt (more about that later) and decided to leave at 6pm to hit fantasmic.

    Now unfortunately all of WDW decided to leave then and there for fantasmic. The bus filled fast and we were on our way. Just our luck it required a left hand turn to get into the drive for mgm. After about a 10 minute wait in the left turn lane, inching slowly we were next to turn. however during red light time people were making their legal right turn into the drive, blocking it completely when we could turn. Our bus driver solved this dilema by turning left and blocking both lanes of traffic until we could get in the drive. Now that initiative. Must have been from Toronto Canada, from the things we observed on our trip there!!!
    We waited in a huge line for Fantasmic and I reassured the novices lines aren't always that long!! It was wonderful, however if you have an asthmatic in the group beware of the smoke from fireworks and such and sit up high. My mom ended up with a hankerchief over her mouth and did ok.
    We jumped a bus back, no problem and that ended the second day. Novices and believers alike loved Fantasmic. And why do girls and grown women alike sigh and smile over princessess?
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    Aug 18, 1999
    Sounds like you guys had a great day. Thanks for the tip about Fantsamic. We have two kids with asthma in our family. We will have to remember that when we go.

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    Sep 23, 1999
    FYI this was day 2 of our trip. Day 1 I somehow managed to post on the resorts board. Hopefully it will get moved over here!
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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun filled day for all. Thanks for posting!

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