Trip Report - Emerald Isle 2009 - Part 7


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Oct 2, 2007
Thursday 05/28/2009 Day 6 of Tour

Limericks and Leprechauns

Off to Dromoland Castle today but first we would stop at Inch Beach and then the town of Adare.

Inch Beach is on the Dingle Peninsula and is known as a ‘surfing’ area. We were only there for about 45 minutes. I was beginning to get the feel of the Irish west coast after stopping here. It is raw, untamed and yet beautiful;
nestled between the Slieve Mish Mountains to the North and the MacGillicuddy Reeks to the South.
The tide was coming back in but the beach was still rather wide when we were there. I’m sure Disney arranged our schedule (or the tides schedule) just for our viewing pleasure. They are good!
The weather was iffy but it never did rain while we there. Blustery and water spray but no rain.

* Tour Tip - The last 2 days of the trip saw the twistiest/narrowest roads for bus travel.

After the walk on the beach we headed for Adare. What a treat to stop in this picturesque village/town. We definitely didn’t have enough time here. It’s just one of those places you could meander, take lots of pictures and find something interesting around every corner. Plenty of places to choose from for a quick bite too.

Next stop the Castle! Talk about a Masterpiece Theater Welcome!
The ‘staff’ in an assembled line greeted us getting off the coach, ushered us into the grand entrance and served libations!

Not much to say about these last two days except AWESOME! My words can’t describe the calm and beauty of the grounds at Dromoland. Hopefully you’ll get an idea from the photos.

Spacious Accommodations

So many areas to investigate on the grounds.

The Temple Wood with the Lily Pond, Hermit’s Grotto and Temple of Mercury

We had to leave to be bussed over to Bunratty Castle for the evening dinner and entertainment. I suppose we could have declined to go and stay at Dromoland for the evening but it was a group tour and we wanted to experience it as such.

This was an okay venue but a fun evening of song and dance. Hindsight – I would have skipped it but everyone is different.

We did see the sunset from the bus on the way back to Dromoland. The end of another gorgeous day.

Part Eight


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Apr 20, 2003
I haven't posted on your other day's posts, but I am loving reading about your trip. I leave a week from tomorrow and I am feverishly trying to make sure I have everything I need and making lists of things to do before I leave. Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip!


Have Camera, Will Travel
Oct 28, 2006
Oh, my! Dromoland Castle sure looks fabulous! What a gorgeous, gorgeous place! We need *more* pics!

Sounds like a wonderful trip.