Trip November 27 - December 1 - Ready to Return!


Aug 10, 2015
We returned last Saturday from 4 nights at the Disneyland Hotel; 5 days in the parks! Me, my 78-year-old mom, DS25, and DD22. Some thoughts:

Disneyland Hotel: This is the first time staying at the resort. We usually stay at one of the motels on Harbor. We absolutely loved it! We were in the Frontier Towel with a pool view. Loved the short security lines on that side of the park. We utilized the monorail in the afternoons which limited walking. Mom commented that the walk to the parks felt shorter. I told her that it was quite a bit further than staying on Harbor and she said it didn't seem that way because we were at Disney the entire time! I asked my kids if it was a choice between visiting every year and staying on Harbor, or visiting every other year and staying on property, DD chose every other year, staying on property. DS said it was a difficult choice and still hasn't decided.

MaxPass: We utilized Maxpass two of the full days we were in the parks. We have never done so much with so little wait! Between Maxpass and Early Entry, we were able to ride many attractions multiple times. Mom commented that she had never done so much!

Rain: The rain on Thursday was a real downer! We bought ponchos and fought through it. We are from the PNW, but don't spend all day outside when it rains here! We tried to do indoor activities, but getting from one thing to another was miserable. We all agreed that we kinda felt cheated out of a day; clearly not Disney's fault.

Blue Bayou Fantasmic: We have never eaten at Blue Bayou, so on my birthday, I decided to treat myself and family. We arrived for our lunch reservation about a half hour early and requested a table by the water. We were seated close to our reservation time at a waterside table! The atmosphere here is excellent. The food, not so much. I have Celiacs disease and my daughter is gluten intolerant. The waitstaff told us what we could order that was gluten free. I asked if we needed to speak with the chef and they assured me that everything would be fine. Well, both me and DD got sick! This is the ONLY time (multiple DL visits and one WDW visit) Disney has made me sick.
We had the second showing of Fantasmic. Got great seats and the show was excellent! The seat cushions really helped!

All in all, we had a great trip. We were not ready to leave and wished it could have been longer.


DIS Veteran
Jul 6, 2013
I can’t believe you got sick at BB! I’m a sorry! What a disappointment.

Glad the other parts of your stay went well. Maybe you can shorten your stay to stay onsite every year. :)


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