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    A few glorious days with DH and DS4 in WDW and four great are the facts.....

    First off- I am picky. Not just about food, but about clean tables, chairs, all of it. Secondly, I expect good service and won't hesitate to ask for what I need or make sure to point something out politely if something is wrong. For this reason, I felt that I needed to do a dining report since I was so pleasantly surprised with our meals and experiences.

    After an entire day at HS we had an ADR at 5:15 pm at 50s Prime Time. I went into this meal very worried because I have an extremely shy DH. Not to mention DS was exhausted and in no mood to joke around. Let me tell you that we had an AWESOME experience. George was our server and sensed a tired DS. He was fun but not obnoxious. I did see some waitresses play a much stronger "part", but our experience was more fun than anything.

    DH and I both had the fried chicken, mashed potatoes and veggies. DH a chocolate shake and I a vanilla malt. Both drinks were incredible- almost like having three full glasses of a tasty treat.....we could have shared for sure.

    The chicken was super, but the mashed potatoes were not our favorite and the veggies not hardly cooked. Thank goodness we both loved the chicken!

    DS had the kids meal with chicken nuggets, fries, fruit and milk. The fries were good, the nuggets were not great and the fruit was mostly bad. We were saved by a great dish of ice cream though!

    Overall a good meal, good experience and the price was what we expected to pay. I don't think we would go here again unless we brought our parents back as they would surely get a kick out the atmosphere.

    Chef Mickey's ..... we were here two years ago for breakfast but without DH who was at a conference. I went away hungry then and really did this time too. Most of this was because of the characters, taking pictures, not wanting to get up and miss a photo op, etc. The food was nothing to write home about....seriously. I knew that going in and it was fine. We love the chaos, the kids, all of it. But we are HUGE breakfast people so it was disappointing to not have great food. I do feel that the price is based on the experience of course, not the food so for that reason I give a thumbs up. The DS was HAPPY! and that is what matters.

    We had a 7:20 ADR and checked in right before. We were told that if wanted our pic taken to go on over, but if not just to wait for our buzzer to go off. I knew we were not going to spend the cash on the picture so we only waited probably 3 minutes until we were seated. It was already busy and the characters were already stopping. We did manage some fresh fruit and eggs, biscuits and gravy (not the best) and waffles which were awful. The Mickey waffles really are disappointing, but still cute!

    The potato choices did not appeal to either of us. The french toast was good as was DH's pancakes. Nothing extremely special though.

    Service here was fine but again- chaotic as usual. Glad we were not pressured with a picture too! Price is high for the breakfast, but we see it as a photo op and experience. I would much rather pay for this than stand in line at a park just for a picture when we could be seeing attractions.

    DH and I both agree this is probably the last CM experience though as Ohana's topped all the next morning :)

    T-REX at Downtown Disney

    Let me start off by saying I was not looking forward to this at all. I was able to make an ADR and because DS thought it would be fun I did it. After reading numerous reviews I dreaded going and paying the price for what I thought would be bad service and bad food. I WAS WRONG!!!!

    Now- the previous posters are SO right about the line to get in. It was so confusing. I was standing in line with people who did not have ADRs and I was stuck waiting for them. Not a good first impression.

    We did get seated right away after checking in though. I knew it would be similar to RFC and it was, but so much nicer. It is really done well. Yes, somewhat loud but not horrible. During the meteor shower, which my DS hated, it was very loud and kind of dumb but the ice cave turning colors was neat. It would have been fine without the noise though. The details of the rooms were pretty interesting.

    DS had the kids meal- of which there were plenty of good options to choose from. Great kids menu too, I think 4 or 6 pages! He had mini corn dogs, mashed potatoes and jello. He did not care for the potatoes and the corn dogs were just ok.

    DH had a cheeseburger and waffle fries with a soda. The burger was just ok and fries surely not his favorite.

    I had a chicken sandwich that I LOVED. I wish I could recall the name of it, but it was fried pizza dough "bun" with (unbreaded) chicken strips, bacon and lettuce. I left off the cheese and avocados, etc. I also had the side of onion rings with a soda. My meal was delicious.

    The service was AWESOME- no wait and they were busy. We had a party of about 25 next to us and they treated them super well also.

    This was probably the biggest surprise of our weekend. We will do this again for sure even though we were not excited about the cost, overall it was a great treat.

    Breakfast at O'hanas
    This was the meal we were looking forward to the most. It was our final day of our trip and since we read great things about it- could not wait!

    We were not disappointed. We were seated right away with an ADR at 8:15 on Sunday morning. Again, we opted out of the picture.

    Our "cousin" brought us to the table with yummy pineapple and the other cinnamon raisin. Both were fine but would have been better a bit warm :) The juice was to die for. I think DS drank four glasses!

    Next came the fresh fruit plate- all was perfect. Not five minutes later came the tray of warm food. It looked like a feast!!! Biscuits were fluffy, bacon crisp, potato wedges were tasty, sausage not our favorite but ok, eggs fine (a bit runny but tasted good).

    This breakfast was more than good. The flavors were great and it was worth every penny (it was the cheapest of all our ADR meals).

    The music was fantastic and atmosphere super. I would do this again each time just because it was SOOOOO relaxing. The service was perfect and because it was served family style there was no rush and no worries. We just had such an enjoyable time.

    Our downside.....Stitch freaks our DS out. :) We had him watch the movie a week or so before we went and even though he thought some of it was funny, it just was not his favorite. Mickey and Pluto were awesome though !!!! And Lilo was adorable. From what I could tell, they could do without Lilo and Stitch and still fill the place up!

    The other dining we did was :
    Pizza Planet at HS- yuck, but expected :)
    Pop food court had great choices and normal atmosphere. We did not stay here but were excited to check the resort out and ended up staying for a snack.
    Ghiradelli at DD- OMG- love it every time. :goodvibes

    Thanks for reading! Hope this helps someone as much as other reviews helped us in the past years! :flower3:
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    Nov 10, 1999
    Thanks for posting your thoughts. I enjoyed your straightforward reviews! We also have ADR's for T-Rex. Glad your opinion was positive!:thumbsup2
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  4. schatterjee

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    Jan 20, 2002
    Great information - thanks!
  5. TinksThree

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    Sep 28, 2009
    Totally agree about 'Ohana! My kids have requested again! they also have requested T-Rex again and I am in a bit of a dilema between RFC and T-Rex! But now a little concerned about Chef Mickey's for breakfast. Last time we had supper here and it was fine...any comments on if the lunch/supper meals are better than the breakfast?
  6. Disney owl

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    Apr 28, 2001
    great reviews
  7. Dizneydaz

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    Jul 12, 2005
    Thanks for your reviews. :goodvibes

    We ate at 50's PTC in Sept. and my DD10 had the chicken nuggets too. Since she is now considered an adult (at Disney) and we were on the DDP she was able to upsize the nuggets to a junior portion. When the plate was delivered it was a generous serving. Problem was the nuggets were really pretty bad. I tasted them as well and they were awful. Looking back I should have got her something else but as I remember it she didn't want me to. I had the Char-grilled Butcher Tender Steak which was disappointing. My DM had the Salmon which she really liked. However, based on 2 of 3 of our meals being just so-so, we won't be going back to PTC for awhile.

    Junior nuggets-you can see be looking at them that they weren't going to be good. Strange breading and they looked like they were stepped on by an elephant.:confused3

    On the flip side one of our new fav. TS choices is Wolfgang Pucks Cafe in DTD. We ended up eating there 3 times during our trip. Every meal was delicious. So much better than PTC.

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