Traveling with babies on long car rides

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by Disneygal4life, Apr 16, 2008.

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    Calling all experienced parents....Do you have any tips for traveling on long car rides with a baby (10+ months)? Our DD is in a larger car seat and it has no travel bar for toys. We do give her toys to hold and she is fine playing and then sleeping when we drive around town. I worry though that she'll get bored driving to FL. We'll be driving for six hours straight for two days and then coming home is a 12 hour drive all the way through. Should we leave extra early so she'll sleep most of the time? How often will we need to break?
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    I personally have not done a long drive with a baby so young, but I have a friend who made twice-monthly 9 hour straight drives to another state to visit her husband (relocated for work), with their infant. She would leave right before her daughter's bedtime, and drive through the night. Not ideal, but maybe something worth considering, at least on the return trip.
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    Bumping this up. Next summer I hope to be taking a drive to New Mexico with our daughters, one of whom will be just around a year old. It will be a 20 plus hour drive :scared1: I know, but we cannot afford plane tickets for all of us. Hopefully you get some great advice I can try to rememeber!

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