Travel pros: does anyone know how to get good airline rates?


Apr 28, 2001
We are thinking of joining DVC and would then be making a lot of trips to WDW.

Could any experienced travellers out there give me some tips on how to obtain the best fares?

I am not experience, by far, but have been able to find good airfares with some diligence and preservence!!!:D

I start checking different web sites and comparing prices early. Then, I daily these sites around 6 months before if I have not found a great deal before. I have been lucky for 4 trips so far from searching the net. I have looked at the airlines web sites and other sites like,,, and I got great airfare from orbitz for our upcoming trip and used them. The waived their service charge for first time user. I also have checked these sites, then gone directly to the airline and find that fare there with the airline to avoid service charges.

Keep checking here, too! Last year, thanks to this board, I found a tip from a fellow DISer for R/T tickets Phx-MCO on Delta for $163.00!!!!! Thanks to this board, we saved a lot last year!!!!
As a DVC member and frequent MCO traveler, I suggest bookmarking some sites and checking htem often. I am not sure where you live, but we have Southwest flying out near us and I love them. Good rates and if you fly 4 roundtrips in a year, booked on line, you get a FREE ticket.
Try SideStep for low Airfares in your area. It is just a search engine, nothing more. You need to install a small download but it works great. It searches all major airlines and than some. You can also search for hotels and car rentals. If you decide you want to make a reservation, you click on that airline and it takes you directly to that airlines web site. My husband travels weekly with his job and I use it all the time to compare rates. Just remember that many of the lower airfares you get on the web are not refundable. If your not sure if it's refundable, just call before making the reservation. But always read the fine print.

RobinLyn :)
When I'm unable to fly from New Orleans to Orlando for less than $125.00, I always check the rates for Tampa. I have trips plan to Tampa for $96.00 RT.
I agree. Keep checking. We were looking for flights out of Philly or Atlantic City. I keep checking my bookmarked websites sometime several times a day. Within a two week period last month Air Train changed their prices frequently, both up and down. If you see a great fare book it. One afternoon Air Tran had flights for $73 each way when US Air was in the upper $300 range. Never having flown AIR Tran I took some time to check them out. When I returned to the web site the price was over $330(Just 2 hours later) I figured I'd never see it that low again for Easter so I was kicking myself. Eventually I purchased tickets for a good price on Spirit but I had to fly out of Tampa coming home to get a great price. Last week I saw the same flight from Air Tran for $68. Oh well, live and learn. I'm still happier flying out of AC. Book immediately when a great fare appears.

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