travel from Clearwater to Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by K McElroy, Aug 30, 2002.

  1. K McElroy

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    Jan 31, 2001
    I have the good fortune of travelling to Disneyworld with a lovely friend from here in Wisconsin, Helen, who will be joining me (at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, our first visit there!) after she visits friends in Clearwater, Florida.

    Can anyone recommend the best way for Helen to travel from Clearwater to the Lodge? Renting a car is not an option. So far we have determined that Greyhound travels to Orlando, but how does she get to the Lodge from the Greyhound Station? Or are there other options for travel from Clearwater directly to Disneyworld that we are not aware of? We'd appreciate any advice.

    Helen is a lovely senior citizen who has NEVER been to Disneyworld, and since this is my 20th (!) visit I can't wait to show her all the marvels to be found there. But first we have to get her to the Lodge from Clearwater . . .

    Many thanks.

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