Transportation to Grocery Store


Earning My Ears
Nov 27, 2001
We are staying at the All Start Music in February (with Cheerleaders) and thought we read somewhere that you can get free transportation for 30 minutes to a grocery store outside of Disney. Is this true? If so, how do we set this up and take advantage of it?
I think what you read was that many of the car services will make a grocery stop on the way from the airport to WDW for up to half an hour for free. Tiffany, Happy Limo, and all do, not sure about Mears and some of the others.

Disney doesn't offer free transportation to anywhere off their property. IF you are taking one of the above car services between the airport and WDW, just ask. OTherwise, you'll have to take a cab, and that's expensive. There is a NASTY Goodings at the Crossroads plaza (end of Disney Hotel plaza area) but IMHO the prices are so high you're better off not dealing with the hassle and just buying at WDW. The general store at the Boardwalk has a decent selection and the prices aren't terrible on many items.

The Disney resorts do not offer any transportation (free or otherwise) to destinations outside of WDW. Your only option for this type of thing is a taxi.


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