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Mar 29, 2001
We'll be staying at the Downtown Disney Courtyard by Marriott for the first week in Nov. and are trying to see if we can get away with not renting a car. Marriott says they have buses going to the WDW parks every 30 minutes. Has anyone stayed at this Courtyard and used their bus system? Was it convenient or were there long waits, as I've been hearing about at the Disney resorts?
Karla B.
I have stayed at other DTD hotels, Wyndham and Grosvenor, and the busses do run every half hour. Only thing to keep in mind is that MK bus drops you at TTC.
Okay, this is our first trip ever to WDW and I'm a little bit confused...

Isn't the TTC right at MK?

Trying to get all the details worked out!
Karla B.
The TTC is where you catch the monorail or ferry to MK. The Disney resort buses go directly to the front gate of MK, no need for the monorail or ferry to MK.
One last thing, the DTD resort busses usually stop at one or two other hotels in DT. Keep this in mind when planning to go to the parks.
We stayed at the Courtyard in DD last June. The transportation is very good. The buses were consistently on time both at the hotel and at the parks. There is a bus that runs to DD from the hotel and picks up at the bus depot area at DD. It is very efficient. The courtyard is the first stop for the bus going to the parks so there is always a seat. It is about the thirds stop coming from the parks. We drove to Fla, but my husband was so relieved to park the car and take the provided transportation. We didn't drive all week. It was great. The courtyard also offers early entry and e night tickets. :)
We are staying at the CY Resort DTD in July for my daughter's 2nd B-day. I am planning on driving up from South FL, so we will have transportation. I have heard that the transport from the DTD Resorts is not as good as the Disney properties.

I am planning on driving to MK for early entry on Saturday. Will this be a problem? What time does the parking lot open?

Thanks for your help.
We stayed at the DD Courtyard last June. The transportation is very good. Last summer the courtyard was the first stop on the bus route so there was always a seat and it was usually the 3rd stop on the way back. It was always on time, both at the hotel and for pick up at the parks. The buses were clean and comfortable. My DH loved parking the car and not driving for the whole week. We would go early in the morning, come home for an afternoon swim and nap and head back by was great. If I can answer any other?? let me know.
I appreciate the help. Do you know if the EE option will allow me to drive to the park? If not, how early does the bus leave? Thanks.
Bus system from Courtyard at DD is excellent. Buses leave for parks approx 1 hour prior to opening ( on an EE day, the buses leave 1hour prior to the earlier time )
and return to hotel for 2 hours after park closing time. The nice thing about the buses at the DD Disney hotels is that they are nice buses with upolstered seats unlike the hard plastic seats on the Disney buses.
I am not sure about early entry days and bus transportation. They did not offer EE last June, only e nights, which we took advantage of. I believe the previous poster was correct with the bus schedule for ee, but call the hotel and ask...they are very helpful..they have an 800#. The bus leaves about an hour prior to park opening. :pinkbounc


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