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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by BWVPam, Jun 17, 2013.

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    Nov 23, 1999
    We haven't cruised since 2006, so I feel like a newbie all over again. We are going on cruise in May 2014. Will spend 6 days at parks before going on 7 day cruise. We have always had our own car in the past, but don't know if I want to put out that much extra money for this trip. I thought we could do the free transportation from airport to the parks, then wondered if we should do private towncar transportation to the port and then back to the airport afterward same way.

    The last time, I rented a car - dropped it off at an agency there and then got a car for the return trip back to the airport. I didn't have any drop fees. I know it is a long way out, but all the agencies I have been looking at are outrageously expensive.

    Anyone have any recent experience with this? It would be nice to have our own car when we get off the ship, because not sure what time our flights will be later that day and we can run around if we have a car.

    Decisions - :confused3
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    Prices are always exorbitantly high this far out. Price it out closer to sailing. Lock in a rate and keep checking back as rates may continue to fall.
    Modify/cancel/switch ressies as needed. Check Costco, credit card sites, mousesavers for coupons. Rate should be between $40 - 80/day depending on vehicle/timing for a oneway drop rental.

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    In 2009, we took the DME to our Disney resort, and later joined up with another family we met on our Cruise Meets thread. It brought the total party up to 10 people and then used Tiffany Limosine to get us all there economically. (Better than the DCL rate anyway). It allowed a free stop for beer/spirits enroute so it worked out great for us.
    Make friends on your thread and perhaps you'll save money too! :thumbsup2

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