transportation at Vistana Resort?

Lynnie 2002

Earning My Ears
Jan 19, 2002
Is there transportation to WDW and US at the resort? If so, what is it like? does it stop at any other resorts? Thanks!
I would really love to know this too??? There are so many of you Vistana "people" out there, please tell us how the transportation is or IF there is any?? Thanks.
I'm sure someone will answer about the Resort but I spoke to the Villages last week and was pleased that they do have a free shuttle to the Disney parks but not to the Universal parks. This was very disappointing for me for "obvious" reasons, so I asked if they had paid transportation. They did, and it was $11 a person and only left one time a day and came back one time a day.

I was considering them as a way of saving money on a rental but that didn't work for me, though if I were only going to Disney exclusively, it would.


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