Transfering digital pictures from the chip to a CD ROM


Earning My Ears
Mar 11, 2001
We are leaving on March 20th for Orlando. I am looking for places in Orlando and Tampa that would be able to either burn a CD for me or suggest another way of taking 45 pictures off my digital camera chip, allowing me to take more pictures. :-) Uploading them to my computer at home would take me the whole trip, even if I compressed the files. I have called Kinko's and they do not have a CD burner. I even attempted Proex. I thought about borrowing a laptop, but hate to lug that around. There has to be someplace that has access to a read/write CDROM. Help..... ALL suggestions would be helpful.

Wal*Mart in Kissimme can do it. 9.96 for CD 6.96 for floppy.


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