Towncar-One Way, MCO to Disney Questions

Discussion in 'Transportation' started by mom23guys2, Feb 18, 2005.

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    Mar 21, 2001
    I know towncar have been discussed frequently but I have a few questions. My sons are joining us :cool1: and will be flying to MCO a few hours earlier than we will arrive. They've taken Mears shuttle before but that is when they were arriving separately. Now both of them are on the same flight. Mears sometimes takes forever and they really are not spending that much time at WDW. I'd like to reserve a towncar for them but they just need it one way. I've checked some of the sites and they charge about $55 with tip that's about $66, if they even give a one-way price. I got a price of $45 with Payless but I haven't heard anything about them. Anyone ever use them? A taxi would be fine too. They really don't need anything fancy, just safe, reliable, and quicker than Mears.

    Any suggestins??? Thanks for all the help.

    Also do any of these companies require payment with reservations and are they cancellable? I'm sure they would want to pay for the transposrtation themselves but I want to do this for them.

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