Top five rides or shows in all of Universal Studios Florida

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Mar 2, 2000
What are your top 5 rides shows at any Universal florida theme park. My top five are as follows even though i think the best would be front of the line access while staying at portfino bay Resort. 1-Spiderman IOA 2-The Hulk Roller Coaster-IOA 3- T23D Universal Studios 4-Back to the Future Universal Studios 5- Dueling Dragons roller coaster IOA and honorable mention would be Gory/Gruesome makeup show Universal Studios. Whats your top 5?
My top Six rides or shows are

6 Terminator 3d
5 Twister
3 Dueling Dragons
2 Hulk
1 Spider Man
Hard to pick just five....but here's my current favorites:

1) Spiderman (the best ride ever....enough said)
2)Jurassic Park River Adventure (could be close to number 1 if the effects and dino's worked more consistantly)
3)Incredible Hulk (one of, if not the best steel coaster in Florida)
4)Gory Grusome Grotesque Horror Make-Up Show (funny, comfortable seating, funny, break from walking and lines, funny, never much of a wait, did I mention it's a very funny show??)
5)Men in Black: Alien Attack - this ride / game is probably the most addictive at Universal Orlando. I always save it for last or I wind up riding it over and over again)

Runners-Up: Dueling Dragons (Ice best, Fire good too) , Back to the Future, Ripsaw Falls

Of course there are many other great rides, but I think these are the best. My actual favorites change almost every trip!

5) Bilgerat Barges (the best raft ride anywhere!)
4) Dueling Dragons
3) Spiderman
2) MIB
1) The Hulk

Hee hee, hard to decide, but there ya go!

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THAT is Disney! ;-)
My top five, in no particular order, would be...

Back to the Future, Hulk, Spiderman, Dragons and Poseidon's Fury with honorable mentions going to T2, Popeye/Bluto and the Hitchcock show.
1: Spiderman
2: MIB
3: T2
4: Alfred Hitchcock (theatre major!)
5: Jurassic Park River Adventure


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Ok, my top five will be a lil different. I am baseing my opnions on how fun it it to ride with my kids and see the looks on their faces. All you parents out their know what I am talking about!!

1. Spiderman
2. T2
3. ET Adventure
4. Hanna Barbera
5. Jurrasic Park River Adventure

I loved Hulk and Dragons but, we had to do baby swap and I realized half of the fun for me was riding with my DH and kids and watching terror or surprise on their faces!! mean, mean, mommy.
Really like the queue at Kong also. strange, strange, mommy.



2. HULK :D :D :D

Honourable mentions: MIB, T2, BTTF, cat in the hat (Thats the kids favourite!)


1. Spiderman
2. Hulk
3. MIB
4. Dueling Dragons
5. T2
6. Poseidon's Fury
5 dudley do right (at 39 degrees outside)
4 Cat n' the hat
3 Spider man
2 dualing dragons (fire is better)
1 hulk :eek: its amazing
This is my list, which might be interesting to anybody who doesn't do roller coasters or motion simulators!

5. Twister/Hitchcock show/Cat in the Hat tie
4. Jurassic Park
3. Bluto's Bilge Rat Barges
2. Spidey
1. MIB!

Okay, so technically I listed seven!

1) Spider-Man
2) MiB
3) Hulk
4) Dueling Dragons

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Honorable Mention: Dueling Dragons(either) and Dudley Do-Right
5. Back to the Future
4. Dr. Doom
3. Spiderman
2. T2-3D(Its my fav movie)
1. The Hulk


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Ok, I couldn't decide btw the two parks so I choose five from each. It's all Universals fault, they have turned all my favorite movies into rides/attractions!

Islands Of Adventure Top 5

1:The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman
2:Jurassic Park River Adventure
2:The Incredible Hulk Coaster
4:Popeye and Bluto's Bilge Rat Barge
5:Dudely Doo-Right's Rip-Saw Falls

Universal Studios Florida Top 5

1:Men In Black: Alien Attack!
2:Back to the Future: The Ride
4:Terminator 2:3D
5:Tiwster: Ride It Out!


5. Terminator 2 3-D
4. Animal Actors Stage
3. E.T. Adventure
2. Men in Black
1. Spider-Man at IOA (otherwise MIB would be #1, sorry MIB)


Also an Universal Studios and Disney fan!!!
My pick for top 5:

1. Spiderman
2. Incredible Hulk Coaster
3. Dueling Dragons
4. Dudley Do-Right
5. Eigth Voyage of Sinbad

Honorable mention:

Men in Black
The best rides according to me are:

3. Jurassic Park River Adventure
2. MIB
The best rides according to me are:

5. Twister
4. Hulk Coaster
3. Jurassic Park River Adventure
2. Back to the Future
1. MIB

Is that your final answer? Just teasing <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">
I noticed Spiderman didnt make your top 5...did you not like it?



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