TONIGHTS 1/18 contemp meet!!!

Zayne & Xavier's DAD

Mac Daddy of PIN KARMA!
Oct 14, 1999
I'll be there...guys I may be late....BUT I'll be there....I PRAY, our hotel is filled so I might have to stay later than usual:rolleyes:
We'll see!
Steve you mean you "Gotta Work"... That alone would be worth a pin... Not you working... But seeing you work...
Well Steve, you and I may be walking in at the same time! You're bringing Pepsi, right? :D
was able to make out on time, had a blast....DID some trading & waaaas able to meet alot of new friends.
Thanks usuall great meet Kathryn...& ed thanks again for holding my PIN....
I cannot wait for feb event weekend and trading at the contemp and the poly!
I am so excited to see that you and your household will be coming down again. Got to say a brief hell o to Cory on-;ine to day. see ya in a couple of weeks yahoooooo


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