To Jill P...with the heel spurs

Discussion in 'disABILITIES!' started by Tinkerbell2, Jan 18, 2001.

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    Jan 5, 2001
    I have 3 words for you GET THE CHAIR!

    Don't worry about what others think. I had the same problem. 2yrs ago I had my left foot operated on for spurs. I could not walk at all! It took about a yr until I could half walk normal. We knew that my right foot was going to have to be operated on to and the doc wanted to do it whenever I could before it got to bad. So I was going to have it done last fall (1999) We had a fam reunion in Disney and my sister had a fit about not wanting to push me in a wheelchair. She said nobody wanted to push anyone around the whole time! So I didnt get it done. Well once we got there SHE got a wheelchair but told me I couldn't. YES she DOES have problems but so did I! Anyway about 2 days after we got there I could barely walk. I was living on serious pain killers. Both my feet were bothering me. My one foot that had been operated on had swollen up beyond belief and I'm sure you can imagine how the other one felt! Well anyway one day we went over to Downtown Disney. Me my sister her husband and son. My sis was in her wheelchair holding her cane and I was hobeling about 20 feet behind them the whole time. We ate dinner and after I couldnt even stand. HEr husband wanted to put me in the chair but she said no. He then said to give me the cane at least, she said no! So he took it from her and gave it to me anyway. When I got home that night I got my shoes off and went to ice my feet only to find blood all over my sock. I thaught that was weird dut didnt think to much about it. it was from my toenail. I just figured my foot was so swollen that all sorts of things were rubbing. Well my foot got progressivly worse and 2 months later i had to go to see the doc on an emergency basis. I dont really understand what happened, but apparently all the agrivation to my foot caused my toenail to 1) become ingrown and 2) badly deformed. What happened was there got to be an infection from that trip that I didnt catch right away and my foot got badly infected. I just had my 2nd operation and am walking pretty good, but I learned from my last trip dont screw around. At the first sign of ANY pain my butt is getting in a wheelchair. I dont care what kind of looks I get!

    If your foot is getting better I wouldnt agrivate it, Take it from me. Ive been there (for about 5 yrs now) and its not fun. Unfortunatly I didnt realize there was anything really wrong with me until it was too late. By the time I went to the Doctors surgery was the only option. The doctor said my spurs were some of (if not THE) biggest he had ever seen. (I just always thaught my feet hurt because thats what feet do).

    I dont want to scare you with all this, I just dont want you to have to go through all that pain.

    I hope you have a great time, if you were going in March we could even push each other around!
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    Sorry to hear you had such a hard time Tinkerbelle. At least maybe someone else will think twice about getting a wheelchair if they need it after reading your post.

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