Tips For Easter LOEWS? Entertainment Card?


Earning My Ears
Mar 25, 2000
We are planning trip for easter week to US. We went last year end of march, my son is in school now so I have to go during break........ouch! We stayed at Maarriot World Center Via priceline last year.........Awesom! However, I can't 100% committ due to wifes work schedule! Any pointers.......for great rates. Also stayed at new Hampton Inn near Universal.

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I would recommend that whatever you do, to book your hotels ASAP to lock into better rates! That is a very busy week! We were there last year and got a two bedroom suite through at the Parc Corniche near Sea World & not too far from US/IOA for $135 a night. This was a spur of the moment trip and I didn't have much time to plan. We were traveling with friends & we shared the cost of the room. We wanted to stay together but with two separate bedrooms and two bathrooms with a living room/kitchen. We were very happy.

If I was going this year, I would definately try booking the HRH at the entertainment rate of $117 or the Portofino for $169 if still available, in for nothing else then for the all day FOTL access which would come very handy during Easter week. Both hotels are gorgeous and convenient to the park.


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