Tipping for in-room babysitting?


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Apr 26, 2000
We are going to have 1 evening out, and cannot use the clubs because of the age requirement. I know the babysitters are quite expensive, but should we tip as well? I have no idea how much! We don't use babysitters much at home.

Also, will they feed DS? Do we leave money for the sitter to eat as well? We'll have a microwave so I could just leave food for him, but I don't know if the sitter will want to eat easy mac or fish sticks & frozen veggies!!



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Apr 30, 2001
Hi Gillian,

Hope this helps - we've always tipped the sitters as they have turned out to be quite good. I've never been disappointed in one and my kids have been very happy with them. I figure it's the same as everything else, about 15-20% depending on just how much we liked them.

We had one sitter, unfortunately she's moved away from Orlando now , that we all just liked each other a lot. We were about the age of her kids and grandkids and spent a while talking with her when we came over. She gave me a kindercare card when leaving the 2nd night with her home number and day work number so that we could call to let her know we'd be requesting her again, give her a heads up to make sure she got the booking. I'm so sorry she's not there anymore! I don't know if it had that much to do with the tip but I think it's worth it to get that kind of cooperation from someone you like.

I think that there might be some rule about how many hours the sitter is there before you need to give them a meal. We've never been gone more than about 5 so we haven't had to do that. I think you're son would be fine.

Have fun!


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Feb 6, 2000
I never thought about this before, but do you tip the CMs at the on-site Disney kid clubs?


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May 22, 2002
I took a babysitting 4-H class last year, and any expeirienced babysitter ALWAYS has food.


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