Tiffany Towncar question...


DIS Veteran
Feb 27, 2001
Has anyone used TTC for just the ride back to the airport. We are renting a van for the first 3 days, but I want to use TTC to get back to the airport on our departure day.

Do you need to make reservations ahead of time for one way trips? Is it easy for them to find you on your return trip?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!:D


Aug 21, 2000
We used TTC one way last month and did make reservations ahead of time. They'll just want to know you're resort, flight # and time of flight departure and then they'll recommend a pickup time.

I would call or use the on-line reservation form...

Then call from the resort the day before to confirm the pickup time/location.

If you use the on-line form it may take 4-7 days to get a response with a confirmation #.


Earning My Ears
Mar 15, 2001
We just booked the TTC on line and received a confirmation within 2 hours with a confirmation number. I'm impressed. Hope the service is as good as I've been reading. krec


Earning My Ears
Apr 26, 2000
My family and I have used this service twice now,no problems.They are on time,and very courteous.In fact we are going to use them again in Jan 2002,to be picked up at the airport,go to the Wyndham Palace,pick us up there in 7 days, take us to the Disney Magic for a 7 day cruise,then pick us up from the dock to bring us back to the airport,all of that for $205.00.That's alot of service for a reasonable price,and alot of comfort!!:bounce:


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