Tiffany Town Car -- Worth the $$$


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Aug 26, 1999
After my horrible experience with Mears last year, I was thinking about using Tiffany on my upcoming trip. Can I get some comments from those who have used them? Good & bad? Thanks!
We used Tiffany last October. They were great! On time, polite, helped with luggage, etc. We made a grocery stop on the way for bottled water, snacks, etc. The driver helped us put it in the trunk. Make sure to get your coupon from their website if you are going to use them.:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
I've used TTC many times in the past, and have no complaints. As nancyj_pa said, the drivers have always been polite, professional and helpful. Every time I've used TTC, they've always been a few minutes early both picking me up at the airport (my flight has been early) and returning back. Although they are more expensive than Mears, they are definately worth the money! :)
We used yourride and they were great and you can get a $5 off coupon on their website. I've heard to many bad things about Tiffany's and only good things about yourride, just my opinion. I would definetly consider yourride.
I used Tiffany last Dec. no problems. Nice driver who told us all kinds of interesting things on the way to the airport. Wouldn't do Mears again. They pick you up way to early and then you have to stop just about everywhere.
We use Happy Limo, and in my opinion a towncar is well worth it...we used to do Mears back before we knew any better, but now I would never do it any other way than a towncar! It's well worth the cost not to be packed in like a saradine and have to stop at multiple hotels.
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Had one really bad experience with Mears when I traveled by myself- almost missed my plane and I am sure there were others on the bus that did!. Since then have made sure to always take Tiffany as they have always been consistent and reliable. Between our extended families we have taken Tiffany many, many times and not one problem, so surprising to hear that others have had problems.
I've been reading these posts for quite a while, and the good things far outweigh the negative about Tiffany. It seems the negative comments are usually written by those who rarely comment. :bounce: :bounce: :wave: :earseek:
I don't think it matters how many times you post to have a opinion. If you've had a bad experience with something you are just telling your story it has nothing to do with how many posts. im glad for what ive read because it made me choose yourride and i was very happy with them.
I have used Tiffany many times and love the convenience of a towncar. Price is great, drivers courteous (some are very entertaining too!) and wouldn't use anyone else. :D
I have used Tiffany many times and love the convenience of a towncar. Price is great, drivers courteous (some are very entertaining too!) and wouldn't use anyone else. :D
We've used Tiffany's at least 8 times and my friends have used them lots too and they have always been wonderful. I highly recommend them! I'm sure mistakes happen - nobody is perfect - but their record speaks for itself - the positives about Tiffany's FAR outweigh the few negatives. Tiffany's has become very very successful and as such I'm sure they have to hire more and more drivers so I'm sure any bad experiences with new drivers, etc. have been dealt with by Tiffany's.
The free grocery stop is really great with Tiffany-- really makes it worth it.


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