Tickets? How do you all do it?

Discussion in 'Disney World Tips' started by LovableGluttons, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. LovableGluttons

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    Jan 12, 2007
    I have a trip to WDW planned for September. I already haave a set of complimentary Park Hoppers for our family to use. In order to get the free dining, we also had to get the Magic Your Way One Day passes when I booked our room.

    We're military with Florida licenses.

    How do we turn those Magic Your Way passes in aand use them towards annual passes and get the Florida resident/Military rate too?

    Guest Services? Please don't suggest Shades of Green. We were there in March and they were terrible!

  2. debloco

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    Nov 14, 2003
    I believe that you can take your MYW One-Day passes to the Guest Service window at any of the parks to do this. I think they would give you the Florida resident/Military rate for the AP (whichever is better) and then credit the MYW One-Day pass to the cost.

    We did this one year with some unused days on a Park Hopper and combined it with our DVC discount at the Epcot Guest Services window. Worked just fine. Just be sure you have proof-of-residency/Military ID when you go.

  3. taximomfor4

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    I may be misunderstanding your question -- if so, I apologize.

    If you go to a Guest Services window, you can upgrade a 1-day ticket to an AP -- I am unsure if they can apply the military discount though. I THINK in your question, you said you have 1-day tickets for everyone AND complimentary tickets. You can only apply one ticket per upgraded ticket (so one ticket per AP). Also, look on the back of the complimentary tickets -- usually, they have a blurb about not having any cash value, etc. This means you can't apply their value toward ANYTHING. WDW sent us 1-day complimentary passes once, and it took many phone calls and face-to-face conversations to triple and quadruple check, but in the end, the blurb was there on the backs, and they could NOT be applied toward the cost of any other tickets.

    Have a wonderful time there!

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