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Earning My Ears
Aug 30, 2001
We are going to WDW Feb 5 to 9. A quick trip -- and part of that time we want to go to Universal -- one or two days, we're not sure. So we only have 2 days at Disney -- possibly part of a third one depending on how Universal works out.

Is there ANY way to buy one day hopper tickets??? I hate that we're going to have to pick one park and stick to it for the whole day. But I don't want to buy extra days just to get a park hopper ticket -- I really don't know when the next time is we'll be at Disney. I know you can attach the tickets to your hotel room (Ultimate Hoppers?) since we're staying at Wilderness Lodge. But that seemed even more expensive and not practical, since you can't keep the unused days.

Are there any discounts, options, etc.? Is there such a thing as a 3 day Hopper ticket? What would you do if you were me??? (And don't say 'skip Universal!' LOL)

There are three day hoppers at times. You might check Ticketmania.com or Paramount. They have both had them in the past. You may have to call to get them because they are usually in short supply. Check www.mousesavers.com for ticket info. Also, if you subscribe to Mary's free mousesavers newsletter, you can get subscriber only deals - one of which was a deal on a 3 day PH some time last year, if I remember correctly.

If you can't find a 3-day, go ahead and get a 4-day PH. The unused days never expire, so it doesn't matter when you go back.
You can do one of two things.

You can get a three day UPH at check-in that will cover Feb 6-8. You will have in effect dropped your arrival and departure day.

Or you can check-in and buy nothing, do your Universal days first, then go to the resort front desk and get a UPH for your remaining time at WDW be it 2 days or 3.
This was on www.orlandotripplanner.com

"Central Florida Tickets and Travel has extended their special offer to sell Three Day Walt Disney World Park Hopper Passes until January 17!! These are special tickets that are only sold occasionally. Prices can not be quoted on this web site. To inquire about the special passes, you must call our sponsor, Central Florida Tickets and Travel direct at 1-888-678-8899 or (407) 932-2080."


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