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Jun 19, 2001
For DVC members staying on points are you able to have the first and last days droped from your length of stay passes for the Ultimate Park Hopper. I thought I had read something about this but can't find anything in writing. We will be going down on Feb 10th and arriving in late afternoon and leaving on Feb 16th in early afternoon and don't really want to buy passes for those days.

We called the BWV and they suggested we call MS, but before I do this with the back up of the phones at MS lately, I thought I'd ask our dis partners.

for your help

Yes, you can purchase these passes at check-in. They will be encoded on your room key/id.

Just tell the CM at the desk you want to drop first and last day.

Here is the <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/wdwinfo/tickets.htm#UMP%20Prices%20for%202001">price list</a>, just deduct the 10% DVC discount from the pass you'll need.


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