Those darn auto-flush toilets...


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Jan 20, 2000
I like to repeat this tip after each trip...

My DD (now 4) is TERRIFIED of the auto-flush toilets found all over WDW. After an experience with one flushing while she was on it on the NJ turnpike during a l-o-n-g trip to Atlantic City, I have taken quite an interest in the subject ;).

To date, I have used stickers, postage stamps (gets expensive), my hand, etc. to cover the culprit beam. This trip, in a desperate attempt to save the contortion of holding my hand over the "flusher eye" while helping DD onto the seat, getting TP for her to wipe with and reassuring her that she will not be flushed into the WDW sewer system, I decided to find a new way to STOP THE FLUSH! (I forgot the stickers, you see...)

To my relief, a piece of wadded up TP dunked in the sink will stick just fine. And, as an added bonus, DD thought it was a hoot to pull it off when she was done and drop it in the potty so it would flush. Now I could turn my back when she yelled "Don't see me!" (4 year olds need privacy, too.)

Hope this helps make a little one's trip a little less worrysome.


Judie B
My daughter is nine and still whinses when they go off. i went mad trying to cover it up when she was 4. we laught about it now all the time- but she still hates them LOL. This will end up being one of your favorite memories LOL <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">
I've learned much from this informative post! I especially hate it when the auto-flush goes on while you're still sitting on the pot and you get wet from the torent. One time my daughter was sitting on an auto-flush toilet that had a power flush feature. She, and her clothing around her ankles, became wet beyond reason! But that didn't happen at WDW...Good Thing!

Helpful & Fun Topic!


Best Wishes,

Dr. Happy
My 5 year old goes ballistic when the auto flush toilets flush before his pants are up and he's on his way out the door. I'm glad to know a way to control them!! Thank-you!
I read a tip here on the Dis and it worked wonderfully for our 4 yo DD. I just covered each "eye" with a bandaid, and removed it when we had both finished. It worked like a charm, and thank goodness I had decided to put a wad of bandaids in the backpack "just in case". She doesn't like loud noises, so anyone with a child with a similar dislike - be forewarned and forearmed!


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This gave me a big laugh, We uded to have the same problem when mine were young. Now it is Mom getting wet because the toilet goes off too soon. You twist the wrong way to wipe and the toilet flushes. Watch out for the ones on the Florida turnpike. They are faster than DIsney's

I love this. Where else can you get a tip like that...sticking wet TP to the wall!!!!

I have a little one who doesn't even like to use the potty at home - let alone with the "flush". I wake her up in the morning and say, "let's go potty"... and she says "but I just went" (meaning the night before!) This will make my life SO much nicer as I'm always the one who gets to take the girls into the bathrooms.


This topic is giving us a good chuckle! :D

We may end up with another problem...our DD#2 is just toilet trained and she is interested in all kinds of new places. I have visions of doing the 'toilet tour' of WDW as she keeps saying she has to pee. Maybe we should revert to pull-ups for the duration of the trip. ;)
I found that with my older daughter we had to go back to diapers for our Disney trip. (no pullups in 1980) It was just too far to the bathrooms when she decided she had to go and she was too upset by the accidents. We made a deal. Diapers at DIsney and back to panties when we got home.

Pooh Bear
Thanks for the info! My DD is just learning to use the potty, so this info may come in handy in June when we go.
However, I found that we had the opposite problem with my boys on our last trip. They were truly fascinated by the "magic flushing potties" So I know we spent more time in the bathrooms than always necessary so they could experiment with them!! :)

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My boys love'm too. They get mad if it doesn't auto flush. They were none to happy when they encountered a manual potty in Epcot.

The auto on sinks make it easier to get them to wash up!

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Disney silliness: Buzz's Spin, Parks, Parades MORE TAPESTRY and MORE OF THE Unfortunate Footwear of Walt Disney World:

These things really are the best thing to happen to pre-schoolers. I wish I could get them for home, DD always washes up at WDW without running to get Mommy to turn on the water!


Judie B
btt - lots of folks are getting ready for summer trips...

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when those go off because he is potty training and he loves to flush it himself. Sometimes I will wait after it flushes and let him push the button to flush again. Kids are funny!!! :cool:
As i was reading these posts, I was thinking, "oh no, DS will go nuts if her can't flush the potty!!!" He even makes me let him flush for me (moms get no privacy, lol!!). But, I will put the TP over the eye and let him take it off to "flush" the potty!!!
Thank you all, another disaster diverted!!
shelly :)


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