those cruising Nov 30th Magic - where are you spending turkey day?


Goal! going on this cruise 37lbs less and I will e
Apr 28, 2001
Just got off the phone with MIL. She has a winter home in Bearfoot Bay (Melbourne). MIL has been invited to go cruising with DH, DS9 and myself Nov 30-Dec 7 but hasnt made up her mind yet. She told me that we can fly into Orlando Thanksgiving day and spend the time before we leave for the cruise at her house. Regardless of whether she goes with us on the cruise or not she will drive us to Port Canaveral. We can now be among the first to get onboard. Yahoo. One less detail to worry about. Thanks Eunice
I'm undecided on this one :confused:

I really want to do the T'day cruise because it falls on my B'day. I've done my b'day twice at DW now I want to try the cruise. However, big jump in price. So, if I go on the 30th, T'day will be at the BWV!

All speculative right now :(
We'll be spending Turkeyday at home in CT. Then, bright and early on Friday morning (well, dark and early actually...we usually leave around 2am) we'll head for Florida. I'm hoping we can get most of the way to Port Canaveral on Friday. We usually drive straight through to WDW and this trip should be about the same length. If we're tired we'll stop somewhere in Georgia or Northern FL for the night and finish the drive Saturday morning.

Then again, if the weather forecast calls for bad weather we'll celebrate T-day on Wednesday and head out a day early...which means we'll spend T-day in the car!


We are flying down to WDW on Wednesday AM, at OKW until Saturday morning. Last year we had turkey day at Cinderella's Castle. Ths year I think we will try the Liberty Tree Tavern... seems appropriate to me!!

We got off the Wonder on Thanksgiving Day this past November and headed to WDW for four nights. We ate our dinner at the Yacht Club Convention Center and had a wonderful meal. We had the earliest seating at 2 PM. Excellent food and lots to choose from. The desserts were delicious. We're thinking of doing it again for Christmas this year if they offer it.
Originally posted by Pluto4President

So, if I go on the 30th, T'day will be at the BWV!

All speculative right now :(
Pluto: If you go on the 11/30 magic, you will miss DISCON2. That's my dilemma, DISCON 2 or Magic.
Although I enjoy everyone on the board - hmm, let's see...






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