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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by Tora Millypoops, Feb 10, 2010.

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    Feb 19, 2006

    We're thinking about booking a 3 night Cruise on the disney dream in August/September 2011 (still got to persuade my Dad though because a cruise doesn't appeal to him) We were thinking of a Deluxe family oceanview stateroom for 4 of us, but we're not really sure about what category or deck etc. Having never done a disney cruise we're not sure what the weather will be like in that time of year. I was wondering if you guys could give me some information.

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    Weather will be hot. Are you doing 7 night or 4/3 night. This is also prime hurricane season. Be prepared for altered itineraries. May not happen, but be prepared that it might. Buy insurance.
  3. truck1

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    Genereally speaking, we go on our 4 days in late August or early spet for a few reasons.
    Weather aside for a minute, the prices are usually cheaper, by up to 1000 dollars or more, since the kids are now back in school for the most part, and the temps are on the down hill slide.Ok. By a few degrees.

    Weather wise, weve never had a problem in the last 2 years at that time of year, though weve had a scare the first time.Nothing major.A hurricane came thru the week before our trip,and they still made the usual itinerary.

    Worst case scenario, DCL will cancel the trip, though that has only happened maybe 3 (I know its at least 2)times in 12 years.1 (2) of those times was due to a illness break out and the other was due to the 4 storms that ran over Fl in 04.And that was only because all of the east coast ports were trying to get there surveys done to reopen the ports.
    99% of the time, if a storm is going to affect something on the itinerary, the ship simply moves to somewhere else thats not affected.

    Weather wise it is quite warm, though how bearable depends on each individual.Some one that is not accustomed to the warm weather may says its unbearable, while others will love it.

    From experience, look at the oceanview/veranda cabins very carefully.On the Magic and Wonder, there are 2 room cats that are identical, but 1 is a few hundred dollars more, beacuase it is 1 deck higher.The cat 5s are on deck 7 with the same square footage,same size verandah, and cost more than the cat 6 which is 1 deck lower.The higher you go in the ship, the more expensive the room on the outside.Inside not sure about.I cant swear to the Dream, since I really havent looked yet.

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