The White's From England Jolly Hols. Day 3 Universal Studios

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    Mar 23, 2000
    The White's Jolly Hols. Day 3 Universal Studios & Downtown Disney

    Cast Members:
    DH Colin 42 4th Visit
    DW Linda ?? 3rd Visit
    DS Andrew 18 2nd Visit
    DMIL Jean 78 2nd Visit

    The day started with my usual trip to get the tea and coffee. On the way to the Deli I stopped and chatted to one of the Hotel Guards and asked him if the Do Not feed The Alligators sign's were for real. He said that it was for real, and occasionally they do get small Alligators in the Lakes. (Knowing the Restaurant they would probably end up on the Menu.. LOL)
    After breakfast we made are way down to get the Coach to Universal, as we passed the Lake I told everyone to be on the look out for Alligators.
    The Coach turned up on time and everyone got on except me as I had Jean's wheelchair to deal with.
    Now it seems that Coach Drivers seem to fall into two categories, the very helpful will do anything for you type, or the sit on your butt and do nothing to help type.
    That day we had the latter!!!
    I called to him that I had a wheelchair to put underneath the coach, thinking that he would open the boot and put the wheelchair in.
    No not this guy!
    "Just lift the handle to open it up, but just make sure you close it properly after."
    I did as I was instructed as I closed the flap down I managed to catch my hand, I let out a huge "Oh ***t" [​IMG]
    As I boarded, red faced, the driver asked if I was ok and did I manage to shut the flap ok..
    I replied through gritted teeth, [​IMG]
    "Yes I'm fine, I've hurt my hand but it's ok so I won't be suing on this occasion"
    I sat down and Andrew told me that I was getting more and more like Victor Meldrew..Ho Hum……
    Well nothing was going to spoil today, as I was really looking forward to Universal.

    The first ride of the day was Jeans favourite, E.T, the music, smells and atmosphere still brings a lump to my throat. Ahhhhhhh…[​IMG]
    Next ride was Men In Black. We only had a five-minute wait and we were off zapping aliens. [​IMG]
    Jean didn't want to go on this ride as she thought it would be too jerky and bumpy for her.
    So it was up to Linda, Andrew and I to save the world.
    I think this a great ride IMHO nearly as good as Terminator 2, but not quite.
    Terminator 2 was next. There was quite a long queue for this, but as Jean was in her Wheelchair we were ushered to the front.
    I still think that the special effects in this are out of this world!
    Jean thoroughly enjoyed this show. (I think she has a soft spot for Arnie). [​IMG]
    After all this excitement it was time for a drink. and snack at Beverly Hills Boulangerie. Whilst we were having our break it suddenly went dark and very threatening, I thought we were in for a storm, but no, just a 5 min shower the bright sunshine again.
    After our refreshments we headed of for the Jaws ride.
    We had to wait about 45mins to get on the ride. For some reason there is no special entry for people in Wheelchairs on this ride.
    This meant we had to stand in line with everyone else and wind our way around to the front.
    We didn't mind waiting in line with everyone else, it was just a bit awkward having to push the Wheelchair then stop then start again, making sure we didn't bump into the people in front of us.
    The ride was still the same as it was in 98, only this time I noticed the shark was getting a little worse for wear.
    I'm sure there was either a chunk missing off of his nose or his paint was peeling...Never mind we all enjoyed the ride..
    We had lunch at Richter's Burger Co, and afternoon tea at the Pastry Shop at Lombards Landing, both very good.
    We watched Beetlejuice's Revue and did some more rides ending with E.T again.
    We left the park at 5pm as we had all had enough by then.
    We caught the Coach back to the Hotel. This time it was a different driver who was extremely helpful.

    That evening we walked from our Hotel to Downtown Disney. The nice young lady at the information was gobsmacked at the thought of us walking there, she said it was only a couple of miles.
    Well 45mins later we arrived at Downtown Disney, it might have only been 2 or 3 miles but in the heat it felt like 20.
    We had a good look round and took the boat from one side of the lake across to the other, then slowly walked back down to the Market place.
    We were all starving by the time we got back to the Market place but we couldn't find somewhere to eat..
    Andrew only seems to like Burgers. Jean only likes plain food, no garlic or sauces on it. Linda only like certain food, whilst me I'll eat anything.
    We finally decided to have something to eat at Wolfgang Pucks and we all had the BBQ Chicken and fries, which was delicious!
    After the meal we had another look in the Disney Store and the got a taxi back to the Hotel.
    Then after our tea and biscuits it was bed......
    Tomorrow, Shopping and MNSSHP. [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Great report thanks for sharing.
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    Feb 11, 1999
    I loved hearing all about Universal, Colin.

    Sorry about your hand. :eek:

    Thanks for sharing your trip with us.

    Lisa :)

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    Mar 25, 2000
    I "heard" alligator tastes like chicken - lol. Thanks for posting!

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