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    Oct 4, 2005
    The cast -

    Me, Sarah 31 – chief planner, lover of all things Disney
    DH, Craig, 34 – driver and foodie
    DD, Holly, 10 – loves characters and especially drawing them
    DD, Rowan, 8 – not going upside down this year!
    3 newbies -
    My mum, Shona, 50 - big kid and possible thrill junkie
    My dad, Alastair, 57 – the banker and carrier bag holder
    My sister, Mel, 29 – doesn’t do characters and slightly bemused by the 'Disney thing'

    Holiday details -

    Package holiday booked with First Choice from 20th September to 4th October. Staying in 2 x 2 bedroom suites at the Enclave Suites. 7 seater minivan booked through First Choice with Suncars. Flying from Glasgow and staying the night before in the Express by Holiday Inn. We have 14 day Ultimate tickets, 4 park flex tickets, MNSSHP tickets and KSc tickets.

    Pt 1 Pre trip info

    Pt 2 The journey

    Pt 3 Magicg Kingdom and who is Felix?

    Pt 4 Seaworld and a shock

    Pt 5 Typhoon Lagoon and a wardroble malfunction

    Pt 6 Chef Mickey's and Epcot

    Pt 7 Islands of Adventure and best Bubba?

    Pt 8 Universal Studios and stars

    Pt 9 Animal Kingdom and sunstroke

    Pt 10 Shopping and a secret snoozer

    Pt 11 Disney Hollywood Studios and first aid

    Pt 12 Blizzard Beach and Wishes Cruise

    Pt 13 Our lost day and a poorly girl

    Pt 14 Kennedy Space Centre and Tom Jones

    Pt 15 Cannibals roam at MNSSHP

    Pt 16 Homeward bound

    Hope you enjoy them and thanks for reading :goodvibes

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    Jan 18, 2005
    Hi Sarah!!!!

    Just wanted to say I just found your trip report and am loving it!!!!!!!


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