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Jul 11, 2012
We went on a trip from Dec 3 night to Dec 5th noon. We hadn't planned to go on this trip but the deal was too good. We live in the Toronto Area but we flew out of Buffalo with Frontier for the first time, stayed at the Kississmee Days Inn and got a rental van out of the airport. For the 2 days/2 nights it cost us $400 CDN total for the flights, 2 hotel rooms X2 nights and rental van for 6 of us. Cheaper than a trip to Niagara falls for a night.

We did the 4 park challenge on Dec 4. At the parks from 8:30am-10pm, and were able to do quite a bit at all the parks, both Pandora rides, TOT, 3 Toy Story rides, Soarin, Rockin Roller Coaster, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain and a bunch of easier to get on rides and even found time to be "that guy" at Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. Lots of family time, Via Napoli for the first time, with a 15% DVC discount(I was very excited at the extra 5% I didn't know about, sad but true 😂). It was a great day but I had to try to hit Rise of the Resistance on Opening day the next morning even though I figured I had no shot. I thought the same thing on opening day of Galaxy's edge in August but managed to get in and on Smugglers run on opening day so nothing ventured nothing gained.

We had to leave the park by 10:30am. We arrived there at 7:30am to find out the boarding times were already into night time. Oh well, it didn't work out. We flew home yesterday and then this morning I see that for everyone who couldn't get on the ride last night, including my boarding group, received a 1 day park hopper ticket good for any day through the end of 2030. So not only did we have a ridiculously cheap trip to Disney World we also received 6 one day tickets to use some year when we don't have annual passes. And people always ask why we love Disney so much.......
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    Sounds a little like our weekend trip...Dec 4-9. Flew Frontier out of Buffalo RT with luggage for 2 people $221 total. We stayed onsite at ASMo which was a bit pricey but no car required. Dec 6 we did 3 parks including a Candle Light Processional dining package. We finished up that day at DHS with just the plan of getting to wander through SWGE which we did and it was oddly quiet. We got to ride SR with only a 30 minute wait....LOVED it! Dec 8 we did MVMCP which turned out to be a sold out party but we rode everything with almost no wait. The only thing we had a wait for was 7DMT at about 15 minutes right before park closing. We watched the Castle lighting and fireworks from the hub, the parade from the turn in Liberty Square, collected a large number of cookies to bring home and soaked in all the Christmas that we could. The main goal of this trip was to see and do specific Christmas stuff. We normally have a much more laid back style while there...usually one day on and one day off....this time we were going all day, every day and it was totally exhausting but we had so much fun and squeezed in more Christmas than I thought possible.

    I haven't totalled up the numbers but I'm usually within $200 on my estimates and my estimate is $1500 CAD. Not bad at all for a 5 night trip.

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