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Oct 15, 2015


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Apr 5, 2018
December Miles - 107.20

Total Miles for the year - 1,017.55. I wasn’t paying any attention to my total mileage for the year until I did the math today. I’m very happy with cracking 1,000 miles.

Goals for 2019
1) 1,500 miles for the year. Seeing as I cracked 1,000 miles without purposely trying, I think I can get to 1,500 miles for 2019 by panning it out.
2) PRs in 5K, 10k, half-marathon, & marathon.
3) Complete 26 races this year. I feel this is pretty highly aggressive, but I believe I can do it. I actually already have most of the races I want to do plotted out.
  • Baloo in MI

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    Jan 28, 2015
    Well 2018 was not the year I wanted it to be. I was just looking at my goals I wrote last January and I did not get any of them... Now they were all accomplishment based - 2000 miles, first 100 miler, sub 4 hour marathon, etc. But a slip in the snow in February put me on a different path in 2018 with doctors, specialists, walking boots (two seperate 6 week periods) and of course surgery and all that came with that joy.

    I went through my running journal and in 2018 I ran 284.5 miles, 50 of those were Dopey and sadly a good chunk of the rest were me trying to run through an injury that was not and did not get better until I got medical intervention. So here are my totals;

    December: 30 miles + 280 bike trainer miles
    2018: 284.5 miles + 584 bike trainer miles

    So to wrap this up, I did not get any of my goals but I do think I can claim a few things I got in 2018:
    1. A renewed appreciation for the privilege of running
    2. A commitment to being more responsible with my aches and pains
    3. A reinvestment in my running gait/form - no more injuries!
    4. Finding my running spirit, letting this come back/not chasing it
    5. That 100 miler is out there, if not 2019 then 2020 I will get my buckle
    Happy New Year everyone!


    Loving My Ears
    Oct 12, 2014
    Happy New Year everyone!

    December totals
    Distance: 89.4km ( 55.6 miles)
    Average pace: 6’37”/km (10’26”/mile)

    Ok with it, it was a recovery month with zero speed work and very progressive increase in distance. It turns out that my average pace is the same as a snowy winter month or a super hot summer month.

    2018 totals
    Distance: 1183km (735 miles)
    Number of exercising days: 170
    Super happy with this year!

    2018 Running highlights:
    Trained DD to her first 5k
    PR 5k 00:24:52
    PR 10k 00:54:51
    PR 15k 01:27:33
    PR Half 01:55:48
    Exceeded my training goal (150 times) by the end of October
    Learnt to deal with an injury
    Had a lot of fun running 10 races
    Enjoyed reading this board

    2019 goals and dreams

    Keep treating injuries with respect not to aggravate any of them
    Improve/maintain sub-2 time for the Half
    Train for and attempt my first full Marathon
    Coach DD to her first 10k if she wants to (see next line... She wants to come)
    Plan and get ready for Dopey 2020
    Enjoy this board

    All my medals do far
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    Oct 13, 2008
    December miles: 102.7

    2017 miles: exactly 1000 miles! Had to run four miles yesterday to make it happen but it was cool to finish the year off that way.

    The year had its ups and down with running. My biggest accomplishment was completing Dopey in January. I hit the wall hard in a half marathon PR attempt in March and then got into a running funk over the summer. Fought my way out of it and ended up running my second fastest half marathon in November. Training for Goofy this fall and winter was hard and I don’t feel as prepared as I should be but I know I will finish. Not sure of what specific running goals I have for myself for 2019 but I most importantly want to stay healthy and continue running.
  • mankle30

    Jan 5, 2017
    December totals: 154.5 miles

    While I don't have year-end numbers, for most of the year, it was frustrating, starting and stopping every couple of months because of injury. I had an aborted 10K in May (I never registered so I didn't have a DNS or DNF). Starting in the fall, I started to find some consistency and ran my first race of the year (the Oakville Half-Marathon), running an acceptable 2:28:xx although I had hoped to do better. The fact was that added weight and just starting to be consistent in running injury free, a 2:28:xx was not so bad.

    I ramped up the running after the HM and, while I struggled with the sheer volume of the Hansons Marathon plan, particularly at my slow paces, I adapted the program and found myself feeling pretty strong by the taper for WDW Marathon, finishing with my most miles in a month for December even with a few days off due to a mysterious injury that disappeared after a couple of days.

    I already have a plan in place to help consolidate my gains for most of 2019 and I'll share it following the WDW Marathon in my training journal!


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    Jun 14, 2006
    2018 miles: 941
    Biggest Accomplishment: Finishing Dopey with a BQ. (Honestly, the BQ was a bonus. I finished Dopey feeling the best I ever have after a marathon)

    ETA: I forgot that I won a 5k race in May. Probably because my time was pretty sluggish, I don't really count it. But I do like the Hoka recovery slides I got as a prize.

    Not sure what 2019 will bring. I will do Boston, and may try to do NYC through guaranteed entry. I have no mileage goals, because at age 60, it is all about continuing to run and train in a healthy way. I had a couple points in the year where I took time off to heal minor overuse injury and will not hesitate to do that, if needed.

    I still would like to do a race internationally, and a relay (although I have no local running friends to do that with). We'll see!
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    Feb 15, 2017
    Happy New Year!

    December total: 130 miles
    2018 miles: 700
    7 Half Marathons (new PR in Nov)
    2 10Ks (new PR in Nov)
    1 8K (new PR in March)
    2 5Ks

    By far the most I have ever run in a year. Over half of my annual miles were ran during marathon training which started on 9/24. I hope to keep it up, maybe not take as much time off in the summer, and possibly hit 1000 in 2019!


    Aug 11, 2016
    December: 35.5 miles

    2018 total: 359.6 miles

    I'm pretty happy with 2018 considering I just started training seriously in August.

    2019 goals:
    -run at least one race at each WDW race weekend.
    -keep training regularly without injury
    -set some PRs. I'd really like to get below a 1:14 10k to use as POT for Disney halfs.
    -strength training. Got to get serious about adding this to my routine.

    Happy New Year!! And a great big Thank You to everyone on this board! Finding this board to keep me encouraged about running as I started was one of my 2018 highlights. Looking forward to sharing 2019 with y'all!
  • KevM

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    Apr 5, 2018
    Short recap of my 5K this morning:

    Run with Jack New Years 5K started a little after 10:30 this morning. The average New Year’s Day temperature for the Philly area is 41°. At race time it was 57°. Wind was a bit strong though, with gusts up to 20 mph.

    The race itself was a ~1.05 mile loop done three times around neighborhoods in Bryn Mawr. It was a nice easy course, which allowed my to already hit a goal for this year. I PR’ed with a time of 27:56!


    Anything worth doing is worth overdoing
    May 8, 2015
    December has gone mostly to plan. I completed my first ultra (50k) and then resumed training for Goofy. The only blip has been missing 2-3 runs after Christmas as a result of a bad cold picked up on Christmas Eve. Hoping to pick things back up from there today.

    December Stats
    Running miles: 103.5
    Avg Pace: 10:54/mile
    Running time: 19:21:37

    2018 as a whole was a mixed bag. It started roughly, having to run Dopey with bronchitis and then succumbing to a shin issue that prevented running for 6+ weeks and resulted in me dropping from running 5 days/week to 4. That reduction, in combination with a stressful summer at work and brutally hot and humid conditions prevented me from being as ready for Chicago as I would have liked. Here were my 2018 goals:

    1. Complete an ultramarathon, either 50k or 50m
    2. Run a sub-4:00 marathon (either Disney (unlikely) or Chicago)
    Optional: Complete my 20th half marathon (sitting at 16 right now)

    I completed number 1 despite having to withdraw from my originally scheduled race in March. Number 2 I wasn’t close to, although I did pick up a new marathon PR at Chicago. The optional goal was achieved in a local HM just before Thanksgiving. Given the challenges during the year, I’d give my 2018 performance a B- or C+. Here’s the summary:

    2018 Stats
    Running miles: 1,109.4
    Avg Pace: 10:42/mile
    Running time: 199:39:21

    5k: 1
    10k: 1
    Half: 4
    Full: 2 (New PR)
    Ultra: 1 (50k)
    Relay: 1 (22/209mi)



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    Aug 23, 2018
    December stats: 32.9 miles, including 10k race.

    2018 stats: I didn't start seriously tracking until September or so. 98.1 miles in Strava this year.

    2019 plans:
    Half marathon next month (SW Virtual Half), Star Wars Challenge in April - those are registered for.
    My wife is talking about doing a half marathon in late April, so I'll probably do a 5k or 10k that day. She wants to do more races, so there will probably be some more added in there.
    Bay to Breakers in May, Bridge to Bridge in August, and maybe Wine & Dine Half in November?

    I've been letting my weight slide for December, but once we get back from WDW (leave tomorrow! *bounce*) it's time to get serious about it again. Goal is to end 2019 under 200 pounds.


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    Aug 6, 2009
    Quick race recap....

    Ran the New Years Day 5k this morning with a group from my running club. Last year it was 4 degrees/felt like was 55 degrees!

    First 1.5 is uphill, the rest is relatively downhill, except the last 0.4. First mile was sloooow, but picked it up and got faster with each mile - last mile was 1:40 faster than the first! Finished in 29:28 - 20 seconds faster than last year.

    Bonus - excellent breakfast buffet after!


    Jan 1, 2018
    December Miles: 174.2
    Miles: 1,296.2

    Training for my first full marathon peaked in December with two 20 mile runs two weeks apart. This year I ran more than double the miles I ran in 2017 (595.5). However, because I ran them slower, I feel stronger and have raced faster with new 10k, 15k and half marathon PRs in 2018!

    2018 ends with a taper and 2019 will begin with marathon weekend!


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