The Resort tax will change the room price depending which county your resort is in!


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Oct 20, 2004
I learned something VERY interesting today. I decided to try to change resorts from ASMusic to Pop Century, as a result, the price changed from $393.42 for five nights at ASMusic to $374.00 for five nights at Pop Century - a difference of $20! Why do you ask? They are in different counties so the tax is different! So if cost is really important to you - find out what they are for each county and pick the resort in the county with the cheapest taxes!
That's very common. around the Chicago area(or any metropolitan city), for example, your costs can change from one side of a street to another! Taxes vary as far as meals, rooms, sales, etc. Depends on what the governing body of the county, township, or city decides. It's a racket that's for sure.


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