"The Penny-Pinchin', Budget-Bustin', Gonna-Go-To-Disney-If-It-Breaks-Us Song"


<font color=teal>Thurd graid gradjuit
Apr 3, 2001
Whoops! This is Chipperdini, MFMcLeach's DW. Guess I don't know myself today, LOL.

Hi y'all... I've been posting parody songs over on the Community Board for the past couple weeks, and I thought those of you on the Budget Board might like today's offering:

http://wdwinfo.infopop.net/OpenTopic/page?q=Y&a=tpc&s=40009993&f=5230967141&m=60609053 51

We're all in this together ;)

I didnt makit al the waye thru 3rd graid fer nuthin'.
Dern guinea pigs, always tryin' to chew thru phone cords!!
My knowledge is not all-encompassing, but it encompasses all that I know

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Too funny! I followed the link to your Rock n Rollercoaster song and got a great laugh!! You need to put out a DIS CD of your songs! :D



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