The Orlando Vacation Pack Kit? Is it worth it?


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Jan 3, 2001
Good Morning! Has anyone heard of or ordered the Olando Vacation Kit? It's supposed to be a 3lb box of coupons (restaraunt, theme park, hotels etc.) guidemaps, restaurant guides blah blah blah :rolleyes:
They want $12.95 for it. Should I order.....or can all this stuff be found for free while I'm there? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">

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I sent for it last year and paid the extra 3 bucks for the priority shipping. At that time it included an application for a "complimentary" Magic Kingdom Club membership which would normally have cost 59.00 (I think, not sure could have been less than 59.00 seems like they had a 1 yr. rate and 2 yr. rate and the card expires in 2 yrs. and Disney Store will still honor it but no where else). Sent off for the MKC card, received it in 2 weeks to the date I mailed it and was lucky enough to be able to use it for 20% off Wilderness Lodge rates for 7 nights in Dec. PLUS used it to purchase 2 adult and 2 children's AP's (when they were doing the DD & GC thing @ 75.00 per 15.00 coupon!!! so earned another 340.00 in coupons!!!). I've used it another two or three times at the Disney Store and Disney Catalog orders since before joining the Disney Club. It was the BEST 9.95 I've spent in as LONG as I can remember! The rest of the three pounds worth of stuff is STILL sitting in a little tote bag in the hall closet and I'm sure most of the coupons expired 12/31/00 so I need to just throw them out. So IF you get a FREE Disney Club application or something I would say go for it, otherwise, staying on property I didn't really see anything I could have used. Hope this helps!


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