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Apr 21, 2000
Here is the official information for those interested! :)

As of April 23, the 4-Day Disneyland Resort Flex Passport will include "park hopping" privileges at no additional charge. Effective with arrivals beginning April 23:

- The 4-Day, 5-Day and 6-Day Disneyland Resort Flex Passports will be renamed 4-Day, 5-Day and 6-Day Disneyland Resort Park Hopper Tickets.

- The Disneyland Resort Park Hopper Ticket will be included in Disney's Vacation Magic packages of 4 nights or longer.

- The 3-Day Disneyland Resort Flex Passport, included in 2-night and 3-night Disney's Vacation Magic packages, remains the same (this means NO park hopping privileges on these passes!).

- With the 4-, 5-, or 6-Day Disneyland Resort Park Hopper Ticket, guests staying at the Good Neighbor Hotels will be able to enjoy "park hopping" privileges between Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure on the same day.

- Early Admission into Disneyland for each day it operates during the guest's length of stay is still applicable.

- Disney's Resort Magic packages will continue to offer Ultimate Park Hopper Passports (which allow park hopping privileges REGARDLESS of the number of days of the package, even if it is 2 or 3 days only).

Hope that helps explain the change! :)

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I just called the Disney Travel Company and they told me that my 4-Day Flex tickets that were just delivered will allow me to Park Hop starting on 4/23. Yippie!

-- Robin
I am so excited they have changed the tickets for the Neighboring hotels to Park Hoppers. We arrive May 3rd and are ready to explore both parks on the first day.

Thanks for sharing!!!

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I think I am just loving my July trip even more now! I was going a little crazy thinking there would be one whole day I couldn't go into DL so that I can se DCA! LOL

:) BAS

will people staying at the disney resort hotels still be able to buy 3 day utlimate park hopper passes....for a 2 night stay???
While we were at Disney's GC last week, we were able to purchase 3 day park hoppers on site at the GC. (We were there for 2 nights, staying on points.)

Michelle, I have a question... I'm going back to GC in May with my neice and nephew. I'd like to purchase the 2 day "hopper". I'm staying just one night on points, so I won't be on a resort package. Do you think I'll actually be able to get "hoppers" on the two day tickets?
That is fantastic news! After having being able to "Park Hop" at WDW, it is hard to imagine "one park-one day" only as a first timer to DL.

Just a little question, can you still purchase these 4 day hopper passes from AAA or is it better to get them through Disney?


Do the expire then and you have to use them in 14 days like the others?

It would be great if we could save them : )

Okay, let me see if I can answer some of the questions here:

Lawgs, yes, guests staying at DISNEY hotels can definitely purchase the 3 Day Ultimate Park Hopper Passports if they are staying for two nights.

Califgirl, from what I have been told they DO offer a 2 Day Ultimate Park Hoppper and as long as you are staying at a DISNEY hotel (on points or not) you can purchase it.

Jennifer, good question, I believe they DO expire within a set number of days...they're not like the WDW tickets where unused days never expire. I'll have to check on that to be sure. :)

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OK- I just purchased 4-day Flex passes through AAA. Will we be eligible to park hop, or must you purchase from a Good Neighbor Hotel?
If I am staying at GC on points, is there a way I can go on and buy the hopper ahead of time so I don't have to do it at the hotel? We only need a 3 day hopper. Webmaster Michele, can you answer? I wrote to DVC memeber services and they referred me to the Disneyland website which isn't very helpful!
what is the cost of the 3 day ultimate park hoppers....and are there any discounts available with them....

just budgeting now for trip in may so the info would be helpful....will be staying two nights at the GC on DVC points....
Thanks so much for your info on the 2 day hoppers. Now I'm REALLY looking forward to our short trip coming up!

The 3 day hopper was $116 each, I think it was $111 for the 3 day flex pass that didn't allow same day hopping.

Jenn, yes there is an expiration date on the tickets. They expire 13 days after the first use. This lets you take a few days off in between (to go to Knotts or Universal?) and then return to the Disney parks without having to buy new tickets.

Enjoy life and great vacations!

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Thanks for the info, Califgirl! :)

Babylisa, no, you must purchase you Hoppers at the hotel and cannot purchase them in advance, sorry! It shouldn't take long to do at the resort, though. :)

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So I booked our vacation stay through Disney.Com.
We are staying at the Candy Cane in and I purchased 4- Day passes for all 4 of us. When they come in the mail will they be Park Hopper Tickets?? Oh I hope so!
Thanks for your help
Heidi :)
With these Hopper passes, are you allowed Multiple Early Entry Days as well? We will be going in July, and haven't purchased our park tickets yet. Was going to go through AAA because of the Mulitple EE Days they have on their tickets, but now I'm thinking it might be better to purchase from WD Travel. Anybody know?


Last weekend, I purchased two 4-DAY DC FLEX-R passports. They state "One early admission included Valid at one resort theme park per day"

Since we are going at the end of May, will these passports automatically be considered "hoppers" with multiple early-entry, or did I screw up by buying the passports too soon?

Thank for any info you can give me.
Can you get these tickets at the Good Neighbor hotel when you check in or do you have to get them with a package throught WD Travel? We are staying at the Candy Cane and I don't really want to get a package. Thanks!


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To help clarify a bit more:

Shultice, if you booked a Vacation Magic package through Disney online, then YES, the 4-Day passes you receive will allow you to park hop.

Dawnee, the passes included in PACKAGES through Walt Disney Travel Company all allow early entry every day it is offered. You can't purchase passes alone through WDTC, they have to be as part of a package. You can order them online through Disney or purchase them at a Good Neighbor Hotel. I'm not sure about the AAA tickets and what they include, sorry!

LuvTheMouse, I have not seen a straight answer about passes previously purchased and what they allow. I HAVE read that as of today (4/23) all 4, 5 and 6 Day Flex Passports become Park Hopper Passports, even if you purchased them previously, and that Disney will honor them as Park Hoppers. I hope that is true for your sake!

Wdwluvr, yes, you can purchase these passes at a Good Neighbor Hotel if you are staying there, and you do not need to have a package.

Hope that helps! :)

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fyi - we just returned from DL last night, and there was quite a bit of confusion about the hopper passes. We had already purchased a 3-day flex pass since hoppers weren't available until our last day (the 23rd). On the 22nd, we talked to a castmember at an info booth to ask about hoppers and see if there was a way to upgrade our last day to a hopper & he didn't know anything about hoppers being available to good neighbor hotels. He was really surprised.

Then on the 23rd, we talked to the manager at the Candy Cane Inn, and he said that Disney was backed up with the hoppers and he didn't have any available to sell. Hopefully they will get things squared away in the next few weeks. Having a hopper would have been really nice during our trip, but we managed just fine. :)


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