The Magical Vacation - 5/25 Friday - Day in Orlando - LONG & DETAILED!!

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    Jul 6, 2000
    Our Happy Group:

    Me, 36, compulsive planner, hoping all goes perfect
    DH, 44, good sport, in need of a good vacation
    Teen DD, 15, excited but in a cool way
    Youngest DD, 13 months, oblivious to goings-on, just her generally happy self

    My parents and sister (25) were traveling in our group as well. This is the first time we have all traveled as a group and it went surprisingly well!!

    I will warn you now - these daily reports are going to be long - really really really long. So, if you don't like detailed reports go ahead and hit that back button now!!

    I wrote this information as much for me as for all of you. I want to remember as much of it as possible - hence the ad nauseum detail.

    Read, skim, or skip completely - whatever works for you!! I will post these by days and then add some general overviews on certain subjects. Please ask questions if you have them!!

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

    5/25/01 Friday Orlando

    We all slept well and awoke ready for the day. We headed to breakfast at Boma in the AKL around 8:45. We had Edsel for our server and he was just great. The buffet was varied and plentiful and we all enjoyed it very much – even our youngest DD. They had various breads, fruit, eggs, breakfast meats, as well as African specialties. It was all hot and fresh and pleasantly presented. The view of the pool outside was also very nice.

    We headed back upstairs to finish packing up and had bell services come for our bags. We now realized there was no way we would be able to make our 11:00 appointment with our DVC salesperson and called to change it to 12:30. We took some pictures and hit the gift shop before checking out. This hotel was so wonderful that we had a hard time leaving – so much we didn’t see. We vowed to come back even if just to eat so that we could enjoy it again. The valet brought our car and we creatively packed once again and headed for the Boardwalk.

    We met with our DVC salesperson, had the tour and did the paperwork on our VWL purchase. We had done all the research here at DIS on the DVC board and so it was pretty quick and painless. Fortunately, our youngest DD slept in the stroller for a while so we awoke refreshed and tolerated the rest of the DVC presentation.

    Although we sampled the cookies and lemonade while at the DVC offices, we were now hungry again. We walked around the Boardwalk to Beaches and Cream as I had heard such great things about this place. We were, unfortunately, not meant to have a great experience on this visit. It was our server’s second day on the job and it really showed. She was barely friendly and badly mixed up our order with another table. We had to finally make a fuss just to get our food that had been sitting on the counter for quite some time. The manager then came by to offer “fresh” fries and onion rings but it was really too little too late. The food was fine but none of felt like we’d be venturing here again soon.

    After a long walk back to the car at the Boardwalk Villas/Inn, we piled in the car and headed to the Belz Outlet mall for some bargain Disney shopping. We did not find much in the outlet – a couple of shirts, a few pins, and a picture frame. Worth a stop though. While we were in the store, a huge storm descended upon us. It was raining very hard and blowing quite a bit as well. We waited for a short break in the rain and ran for the car. We knew that Orlando was in dire need of rain and so we were glad it had arrived but sorry that it meant we had to drive to Port Canaveral in it.

    We headed from the mall to Port Canaveral in the rain. It was not too bad for a while but then got much worse. We had to drive very slowly and you could barely see the others cars on the road. It should have been an hour trip and instead took almost 2 hours. We were glad to arrive safe and sound at the Radisson.

    We reserved a whirlpool suite at the Radisson based upon recommendations on the board. The room was quite nice and having a separate bedroom really helped the baby get to sleep. DH went out to get pizza for us, which we ravenously devoured about 10:00. We were planning on going to the informal DIS meet at the Radisson pool that night but we missed it due to late arrival and rain. We slept well and could barely contain our excitement upon awakening the next morning.

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