The Jansen Family Trip Part One : What A Day!!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by DJBounce, Feb 11, 2001.

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    Jan 6, 2000
    Presented for your enjoyment and education, the Jansen Family WDW Trip.

    The Cast:
    Drew J: Dad, Husband, Carrier of Backpack and Big Stroller.
    Darcey J: Mom, Wife, Leader of Park Excursions and Master of Transportation Routes.
    Tyler J: Son, 7yo "I want to ride with Mommy"
    Tiffani J: Daughter, 5yo with Cerebal Palsey Our Little SweetPea. Rider of Big Stroller.
    Zachary J: 4yo Son, Rider of Small Stroller, "I Want to Ride With Mommy" (You can already see the tension)
    Shelley W: Dear Family Friend, Nuts for Agreeing to Ride 16 Hours in Car With 3 Small Children, Carrier of Small Stroller.

    Day One is the Day of Travel. Starting out from Terre Haute, IN at 1AM, we are headed out to WDW. The drive is uneventful as we head down through Indiana, Kentucky, Tennesee, Georgia, and finally, Florida. (A Big Hoot and Hollar from Mom and Dad as they enter Florida). We arrive a day earlier than scheduled due to Drew having Friday PM off of work. We stop at the WDW Info Center outside of Ocala, Fl. and they call ahead to Ft. Wilderness and we get a campsite for that night as well. Our trip is starting off GREAT!! It is a little drizzley but we weather it just fine (yes, pun is attended). We finally reach the Grand Gates of Our Mecca (AKA WDW) at 5:00pm.
    We Check In and go to our campsite in Loop 300. Note: If you ask for a preferred site with full hookups, be prepared to be the ONLY ones in a Tent. We set up and decide to hit up Trails End Buffeteria for Dinner and call it a night. Dinner was great and our waiter thoroughly welcomed us down for our first night. Note: The Electric Water Pageant hits around 9:45pm and is very loud..IT WILL WAKE YOU!! Unfortunately it does not end here, at 1:30 AM our 4 yo Zach got sick (PC term for tossing his chow). Darcey cleaned up, I took pillow and sheet to Comfort Station for laundering.
    Day Two: We head out to Wal-Mart for supplies...cooler, ice, PEPSI, deli meats, bread, etc. Note: World Drive to 192 go East to Orlando, it is in Kissimmee past Marker 14 and right past MidEvil Times Restaurant. We decide to just get the campsite in order and get used to the transportation system in and out of the resort. We purchase our passes right at the Guest Services Counter at Ft. Wilderness at the Settlement Depot. It rains that night and our tent leaks, nothing is ruined though, and we never found the leak. Stay Tuned for further installments of the Jansen Family Trip Part Two:Mom Transforms Into EnduroRacerMom.

    Roughly the size of a barge

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    Well...sounds like your trip got off to a rough start with a sick little one.. Sure hope he is feeling all better. I'm glad you are writing this report. We dont get a lot of reports from people who stayed at the campgrounds.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Camping to me is not ordering room service - lol. Wish I had the nerve to camp at WDW. Thanks for posting!

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