The Great Stroller Debate...continues


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We decided to bring our own stroller instead of renting one at the parks.
My question is (since we can't decide on what stroller to by yet) are there any strollers out there that can fit in the overhead of an airplane, but is still durable?
If not what is the policy of U.S. Airways on storing strollers?
By the wasy we will be in WDW in Dec.
I just did this! Very few strollers fit in the overhead. Maybe the Combi savvy z or ultra savvy. BUT, they may not let you put it in the overhead because it could be a hazard if it fell out. They do not let you put luggage carts up there.

However, I flew US Air last month by myself with 6 month DS, and it was a very easy experience!

This is how it worked:
1. I checked in with eticket at the gate after leaving luggage curbside
2.They gave me a ticket for the stroller for it to be gate checked,
3. They let families with small children preboard.
4. I rolled baby right up to the plane door & left the stroller there
5. When we left the plane in Florida, the stroller was in the same place, by the door.

Also, very few strollers are narrow enough to roll down the aisle of a plane. You wouldn't want to deal with it. Gate checking couldn't be easier.

My advice would be to bring your current stroller or buy one that will be best for WDW, and not worry about the airport.

Hope that helps!
I also gate checked my stroller last week on Delta, it was great, no problems.

Thank you Gillian,
That was very helpful. This is our first child and it will also be our first plane trip with her. I did not know that you could gate check your stroller.
Now all we need to do is decide on a light weight stroller. The one that we have at home is very big. We wanted something that is easy to push through the stores and restaurants.

Happy to help :)

We have a Combi convenience stroller which I do not think is a good WDW choice because it doesn't fold very easily. I like it though, and wouldn't hesitate to buy any of their other models, if they had one-handed fold (Some do).

We just got a Maclaren Vogue but haven't used it yet. had a 20% off anything coupon, saw on

happy shopping!
We own a Combi travel stroller which does fit down the airplane aisle. However, we only did that once. We gate check the stroller now and it is very convenient as previously stated. The combi travel stroller folds up compactly,is lightweight and is self standing which are great features, however it has a really small basket and has very sensitive wheel locks which can be a hassle.
I bought a Graco Kite Literider for my recent trip, it was about $40 at babies r us, it was a lot lighter and smaller than my regular stroller, but big enough for my son to stretch out, it has a canpoy, basket, reclines and has cupholders, I was very happy with it.


We just purchased a stroller from babiesrus, called a "metro" stroller. It is a full sized stroller (DS is 3), made to accomodate children up to 4 years old, so he has plenty of room (made him sit in about 20 strollers).

Here's the best parts: it only weighs 14 pounds, can be closed with one hand, has a huge basket underneath, and has a bar across the front with a drink holder and place for snacks and a place for is "llittle plastic dinosaurs" that go everywhere with us. At first I thought the bar would be a pain (in and out, in and out), but after using the stroller at the mall, realized he couldn't get out on his own!!! And it reclines very smoothly, in case, hopefully, he will actually fall asleep!!!

It is about $70, but we justified it because he still uses a stroller when we go shopping and other places with a lot of walking and is very content to play with his dino's.

By the way, gate checking is great as you can keep the stroller the entire time you are travelling, except on the plane. So if you have connections, it is ready and waiting for you to use to get to your connecting flight!!


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