The Glasmanns live from Disney - Day 6

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    Dec 30, 2000
    The Cast:

    Ron (32)
    Beth (31)
    Dreu (8)


    January 13-21

    Day 6

    This morning we’re having fruit in the room for breakfast. We hurry and dress then catch the boat to MGM!

    We head right to the Rock’n’ Roller Coaster, there is only a 10 minute wait. Dreu has just recently discovered “upside” down coasters and still isn’t convinced they won’t kill him so he was a little apprehensive. We’ve tried to explain to him that Disney couldn’t make money if they killed us, lol. We all enjoyed it and Dreu survived! After that we went over to TOT, 10 minute wait again. Dreu and I think this is really fun, it makes Ron a little queasy, lol. I wanted to buy our picture on both but the print quality isn’t very good and Disney doesn’t offer the disks like Universal so we skipped it.

    We decide to eat an early lunch and decide on Sci Fi. We love the inside! We ordered onion rings (yes I’m getting tired of them ,lol), I had chili, Ron had a prime rib sandwich and Dreu had the grilled cheese. Ron and Dreu both enjoyed their sandwiches. The chili, you can safely skip it and not be missing out on anything lol. What a fun place to eat.

    After lunch we went to see Doug Live. The show was great! We were sitting in the second row and when the “bad” guy came out in his rubber suit Ron and I couldn’t quit giggling. The “bad” guy was very well endowed LOL. It was the way the costume was but you should have seen the look on the faces of the adults, especially the first few rows!!

    We did Sounds Dangerous and that was interesting. Indiana Jones is kind of like T2, not my thing but Ron and Dreu enjoyed it. Star Tours is one of Dreu’s favorite things. He loves the moving 3-D rides like this and Back to the Future. After this we head over to the Great Movie Ride. I wish we’d made it over to this when we had my mom here in Nov., she would have loved this. Dreu loved the gangster part and the Wizard of Oz, the rest of it wasn’t his speed. We took the Animation tour and think this would be a fun job. None of us can draw so are always amazed at how easy it’s made to look!

    We have PS at Mama Melrose for 4:30, the latest seating we could get with the Fantasmic package. We weren’t hungry yet and had to force ourselves to eat. Dreu had to order an adult entree for us to qualify for the ticket. We all 3 had pizza and agreed that it was ok but nothing spectacular. We are given our Fantasmic ticket and told to be there 1/2 hour early which means we need t o be there by 6pm.

    Dreu wants to do the Muppets so we head over there and get right in. The theater is nearly empty so we get to sit in the middle. Ron is a big Muppets fan so he really enjoys this. We don’t have much time after this so we start to head over to Fantasmic. I don’t think we could possibly have been any further away LOL. After all the food we ate today we’re not moving very fast either and our poor feet are starting to hurt, we must have been a sight!

    The theater is only 1/2 full when we arrive. The Fantasmic seats are the 2 far right sections (when you’re at the top of them, would be far left if facing audience from stage) and they are nearly empty. We head down and claim a front row seat. There is a pre-show while everyone is being sat, they sell junk food and junk toys lol. Dreu gets one of the light up Mickey’s and cotton candy.

    The show is wonderful though we wish there were more of the “real thing” and not so much of the cartoon stuff. The effects are great! Our seats are good and we get some great pictures! Dreu loves the show and sits engrossed in it the whole time. After the show they usher us out to the side and we take a loooooong back way, LOL. The stores are still open and I really want to stop in the Villains store but we’re too tired and keep on truckin’ to the exit. We decide to take the boat back to the YC and end up waiting about 1/2 hour or more : P. Apparently there are only 2 boats tonight.

    Back at the resort we CRASHED lol!

    Tomorrow is MK

    ºoº Beth ºoº

    Taking a break from reality, goin' to see the M ºoºuse!

    Yacht Club January 13-21, 2001
    Polynesian 11/00
    Disney Wonder 11/00
    Disneyland Hotel 5/00
    Disney Pacific 5/00
    Contemporary 2/00
    Port Orleans 2/00
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    Sounds like you had a fun filled day. Thanks for posting. :)

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