The Glasmanns do Disney again and again... Pre-Trip

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by MBGlasmann, Jan 11, 2001.

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    Dec 30, 2000
    Don't know if pre-trip reports are ok or not, hopefully they are! I've posted this on other Disney boards I frequent so if you read other boards I'll be using the same subjects / trip reports on each board so you know.


    We're off again! We decided kind of spur of the moment to head down again when the plane tickets dropped to $123. This was supposed to be a "budget" trip but it quickly manifested itself into a full fledged Disney trip when I couldn't get ressies at a moderate for the entire trip.

    Hopefully my trip reports will be more cheerful this time, my headache is FINALLY much better!!

    Ok onto the people and plan...

    The Cast:
    Ron-32, Has decided WDW is his favorite vacation! Hurts his head if asked any opinions for vacation plans.
    Dreu-8, Amusement parks are his favorite thing, counting down the inches to the big roller coasters at Cedar Point.
    Me (Beth)-31, Official vacation planner for our entire family. Earned every penny of the DC discount planning this trip!!

    Resort - YC waterview. I faxed my requests yesterday for non-smoking and direct waterview. We usually just make our request through CRO. The only time we have ever had our request met for anything other than non-smoking was last Feb. at the Contemporary so we'll see if faxing helps us.

    Ron didn't want to switch resorts this time so I had to pick up the YC at full price for the first night but got a 20% DC dscount the rest of the time.

    Our days:

    Saturday - Arrive at MCO and head over to Alamo. We like Alamo because there isn't a deposit and no hassle should we decide to use our debit card. I've also joined Quicksilver so we'll see how quickly I get out of there! Anyhow we decided to rent a car because we plan on exploring some this trip.

    'Ohana for dinner.

    IOA, no specific plans for meals.

    Pirate Cruise
    GF Spa for 50 minute massages
    Pool and Beaches and Cream for dinner.

    Universal Studios, no specific plans for meals.

    Free day for swimming or exploring.
    Villains buffet for dinner.

    Dinner with Fantasmic package if possible, maybe Brown Derby.

    Cape May character breakfast
    Free day for swimming or exploring.

    MK - the only reason I'm being brave enough to hit the MK on a Saturday is for MSEP. This will be our last chance to see it and we're not buying hoppers this time. We have 1 day left from Feb. and we're going to buy a 1 day park ticket for MGM.

    CRT for lunch - YUM!

    Home : (

    Budget: Not even going there. I quit counting after I flew by the $ I was convinced I could stay within.

    We plan on lounging around a lot and not rushing to do anything! We're hoping to check out MGM more than last trip. We also want to drive around and check out the Orlando area, shop and try some local restaurants.

    If I have time I will start my reports while there, if not I will do them shortly after getting home! Wish warm weather for us!!! Just 1 day to go :D .

    ºoº Beth ºoº

    Taking a break from reality, goin' to see the M ºoºuse!

    Yacht Club January 13-21, 2001
    Polynesian 11/00
    Disney Wonder 11/00
    Disneyland Hotel 5/00
    Disney Pacific 5/00
    Contemporary 2/00
    Port Orleans 2/00
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    Sure pre reports are fine. Just be sure you fill us in on how your trip went when you get back. :) Looks like you have a lot of fun in store for you and your family. Can't wait to hear all about it!

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    May 15, 2000
    Looking forward to reading your trip report!! Thanks! :)

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Can't wait to read your report. Thanks for posting and have fun!

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