The Czadas Halloween Holiday - Day 5 - Pin Crazy

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    Day 5 - Wednesday November 1, 2000
    Weather - 80's, clear, beautiful!

    Guests of Honor:
    • * Chris - 34, Disney fanatic, pin geek
      * Beth - 34, DIS addict, unwilling pin accomplice
      * Melanie - 7, aka Minnie, jr. pin geek
      * Jacob - 5, aka Ja ke, pin geek in training

    Supporting Cast:
    • * Jim and Cheryl - 55, Beth's parents, pin clueless

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    Well it's morning once again and we'e up and at 'em so we can...............go get pins. That's right, my pin fanatic of a husband simply must drag the chi ldren down to the pin cart at the crack of dawn so he can get the November pin of the month. You'll note that I was not attending this little pin soirree. How Chris talked Jake into getting up, I'll never know.

    I finally drag myself out of bed and take a shower and have a quick breakfast. I had just finished blow drying my hair when Chris and the kids come in the r oom excitedly. It seems the CM would not sell any pins to Jake, so now they want ME to go down and buy some. ME!!! Hello, do you see pin geek tattooed to my forehead? They beg a little bit more and I throw my shoes on and reluctantly run down to the s tore. It seems there were only 70 pins available at this location this morning and since most people buy the limit of 2 pins, only the fir st 35 people in line will get one.

    I join the line in the Character Warehouse and the CM is counting head s trying to figure out who will be the last person to be granted with this prized possession. He stops at me and then tells the person in f ront of me he thinks they’ll be the last one. I wait it out though, and am rewarded with my 2 pins. Yippee! (she says sarcastically) Can' tell you how thrilled I am with this purchase. LOL!! The person behind me took the last 2 pins and that wa s it, they were all gone. Now, it's no secret that I don't give a hoot about the whole pin collecting craze, but what is Disney thinking when they release these limited edition pins that are practically impossible to get? I mean, really!

    I return to th e room with the much sought after pins and declare we are now going to do something FUN! We walk over to Epc ot and Melanie and I rush over to Test Track. Chris takes Jake to the pin cart (where else?) to get him his own lanyard and some pin s. NO!!! My whole family has now been bitten by the pin bug. Aaaarrgghhh!! The line for Test Track i s quite short this morning - maybe a 5-10 minute wait, but Melanie wants to ride the single rider line. No problem with me and we are able to walk right on. We end up in the same car and are soon whizzing around the track. What a rush!! You gotta love this ride!!

    We meet up with Chris and Jake and decide to visit Ice Station Cool. It wasn't very hot this morni ng though, so we didn' quite appreciate all that wintry snow. Brrrr!! We enjoy the various cokes of the world and both kids have to try the Beverly from Italy, even though they know it tastes awful. LOL!! I have some fun looking at all the Coke merchandise and soon we're on our merry way.

    We wind up at the Land for a quick viewing of Food Rocks. This is a family favorite as well. The theater is practically empty so we sing along with the pots and pans to the tune of Bohemian Rhapsody and then we sing Good Nutritio n with the Peach Boys. This is such a cute show! Afterwards we were going to ride Living with the Land, but the line was a little long (well actually it was about 15 minutes, but man, we are getting spoiled!) so we decide to move on.

    We walk over to the Imagination pavillion, but the kids refuse to ride Journey Into Your Imagination. Guess it really made a good impression on them last time, huh? No one will go on Honey I Shrunk the Audience with me, so we compromise and visit Image Works. Melanie and Jake have fun playing here for awhile and then decide they want to go swimming. Chris wants to hang out in the World Showcase for awhile so we say good-bye to him and start back towards the Boardwalk. But wait, what's that up ahead? The beavertail cart! Well, naturally we must stop and have one of these!! We order a cinnamon one and a chocolate and maple one and mmmmm, they are delicious. Not quite as crunchy as I was expecting, but still very good. We continue walking until we come upon the next cart. Ah, cheddar cheese soup. I absolutely MUST have some. Than ks to the Food and Wine Festival they have small samples. I pay $2 or $3 for a small cup of soup and now I am one happy little vegemite!!

    I want to stop and sit somewhere to eat our goodies, but the kids are on a mission to get back to the resort, so I eat my soup all the way to the International Gateway. Back at the room the the kids finish up their beavertails and I make them some lunch. Yes, that's the way it should always be, don't you know. Dessert before lunch, everyday. LOL!! I fix up some sandwiches and some cheese and crackers and pop some microwave popcorn for us to take to the pool later on. W e rest in the room a little and give my parents a call. They're not doing anything so they decide to come visit us.

    When they arr ive we go down to the pool and enjoy the afternoon. Melanie and Jacob have a great time splishing and splashing and slippin g and sliding while Mom and I discuss the evenings plans. We had originally planned on going to Park Fare tonight, but dec ide we'd rather just hang out at the Boardwalk and relax. With no plans for the evening, we spend a good long time at the pool just relaxing and drinking mai-tais. It was so wonderful I didn' want to leave. For once, it was the kids telling ME i t was time to go!!

    We met up with Chris back at the room. Where was he all this time, you wonder? Like you really have to ask - he was at the pin cart. Big surprise there! We talk about where to go for dinner tonight and decide on Big River Grille. It's right on the Boardwalk and we are shown to a table immediately. Since this restaurant is also a working brew-pub, Chris naturally orders the beer sampler. The server brings him 6 different beers that were all brewed here. We place our ord ers and tease Chris about all the beers that are now in front of him. He starts on the darkest beers first, working his way up to the lightest.

    Our server brings our food and everything is delicious. Dad and I each had the chicken marinara and it was v ery good, although a little bit bland. Chris had a burger with the most delicious cucumber chips instead of pickles, Melanie had a hot dog and J ake had the creamiest macaroni and cheese I've ever seen. My Mom ordered the cashew chicken over rice and it too, was wonderful. The atmosphere of the restaurant was subdued and very enjoyable. Our server brings the bill and once again the tip is included. We settle up the tab and exit out into the beautiful night air.

    It's dark now and all the lights are on along the Boardwalk. It is very beautiful and makes for a festive atmosphere. Across the lake we can see the Yacht and Beach Clubs all lit up too. Ahh, what a heavenly night!

    We decide to go over to Fantasia Gardens for a game of mini golf. Unfortunately the walkway along the Swan was blocked off for a private party. We end up going in the Swan and d own some hallways b efore we come out on the other end. We cross the street to the golf course and discover it is quite busy he re tonight. We are able to use our annual passes to get 50% off our golf games which is a great savings and then Dad pays for t he whole thing. Wo o-hoo!! An even greater savings!

    Since there are six of us, we can't all play together so we play the guys against the girls. It is a fun course and we have fun teasing the guys every time they screw up. There are quite a few people h ere tonight, thou gh, and we spend a lot of time just waiting for the people in front of us to finish. It's still fun, tho ugh, and it's a gorgeous night and a lot of fun to be playing miniature golf under the stars! We finally make it to the 18th hole and tally up the s cores to find out that the girls won by a few strokes! Yay, girls! Of course the guys grumble that we weren't keeping an accurate count, but we know they're really just jealous! They want a rematch on the fairway course, but we take on e look at that one with it's sand traps and water hazards and say no way!

    We walk back over to the Boardwalk and enjoy the nighttime ambiance. The lights are twinkling and the music is playing as we stroll along. Melanie and Jake have been beggi ng to play one of the midway games so we let them play the one where you shoot water into the clowns mouth and the first car to the top wins. Well as we're sitting here trying to figure out how to play so that both kids can win, the CM says if 4 of us play he'll give us two small prizes instead of the one medium they would usually hand out for that many players. Since you have to have at least two players anyway, this sounds good to us, and soon Melanie, Jake, Dad and I square off. Minnie is declared the winner and Jake takes second place. They both get a stuffed animal and are thrilled as can be!

    We walk along the Boardwalk, stopping in the shops along the way. We all enjoy Seashore Sweets,and then spend a long time in the Charact er Warehouse. On the way back we stop in Dundies Sundries to look at the DVC merchandise. Back in our room my Mom surprises me with the Boardwalk Mickey beanie. He rates a great spot on the shelf right next to Mouseketeer Mickey. Thanks Mom!

    My parents are unsure whether or not they'll join us for breakfast in the morning because Dad thinks 8:30am is too early. This from the guy who can't sleep past 6:00am every morning! We say good-bye to Mom and Dad as they head back to Fort Wilderness and dec ide if they show up - great, and if they don't - no big deal. Chris takes Minnie and Jake down to the Community Hallto play some video games. I pull out the laptop and catch up on my email and read the DIS a little bit. Chris and the kids return with a video and we all snuggle up to watch 101 Dalmatians.

    Soon they are all zonked out and Chris moves them to their bed. We sit and talk about how much fun we're having and how much we love staying at the Boardwalk Villas.

    Then we turn the l ight out on another perfect day.

    Next Post:

    Is there really a character breakfast we haven't tried? How much fun can we have at Stormalong Bay? How many DIS'ers can we meet in one evening? and Will we enjoy our Illuminations Cruise?

    Tune in n ext time for an International DIS meet with the Czadas!

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    Mmmmmmm, beaver tails and cheddar cheese soup, and both before lunch. I'd be one happy little vegemite, too. :) Sounds like a wonderful and relaxing change of pace. But someone must find a cure for the pin obsession, LOL! Thanks for posting. I always enjoy your detailed reports.

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    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun day. I was very good didn't get into pin trading too much. Didn't want to give up a pin I had to trade for another. Thanks for posting!

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