Thanksgiving Week Discounts?


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Aug 23, 2000
Hi. For anyone that has stayed on-site Thanksgiving week, have you ever had any discounts ? Thanks for any advice about this week.
We went this past Thanksgiving week and we were able to get discounts for our stay. I booked our trip in August.

We originally had DC discounts and then were able to get better deals closer to our departure when some codes became available.

For our stay at Hard Rock--we had originally booked using AAA rate ($220/night) and then were able to get a $99/night rate!

I would go ahead and book it with whatever discount you can--and keep an eye out for better deals and revise your reservation if something better comes along.

Have fun planning!
we were in wdw thanksgiving week, and were able to book the YC with a 40% AP discount!
hoping for that again this year!!! so far I have the YC booked w/a 15% disney club discount for thanksgiving week and the week following!

Laura :)
We currently have resv. for this Thanksgiving (11/23-12/2) at the Coronado for $114 with tax. I booked last month.

We currently have resv. at the Coronado for this Thanksgiving (11/23-12/2)at a rate of $114 with tax.
While Thanksgiving is still technically in Regular Season, do not get your hopes up for more discounts. Disney took a huge loss in terms of room occupancy last year first from the waning economy then from 9/11. They had to give out discounts to get people to come.

A lot of people will tell you in previous years, when the economy has been more stable (which may happne for this year, you never know) that there have been very few discounts to come by in Oct, Nov and Dec.

Just dont make a ressie counting on getting a discount or you may get stuck with a bigger bill than you can deal with.
Thanks for the replies! I think I will try to make a reservation at a moderate and IF I'm able to upgrade later, fine. But if not, I'll be able to afford what I booked. Great advice!


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