Thanksgiving at HRH


Earning My Ears
Mar 2, 2001
I called tonight and made reservations for the HRH for thanksgiving week and was told by the person taking my reservation that the hotel had one room left and it was a deluxe room. That was what I was looking for so I took it and got the Entertainment discount of 149.50. She was very nice but she said that there were a lot of days for 2002 that were already sold out. I dont know if she meant for the discount or overall but I just thought that her comments were kind of interesting. We had a nice little conversation and she was very helpful with questions about FOTL and the room setup but when I said that I just was just calling for rates she urged me to book the room. When I got the discount I idnt hesitate and now I cant wait.
You will not regret it. They were out of entertainment rates when i called two months out, and i called back weekly, and finally 6 days before we left, i got the room(deluxe) for 4 nights. It was wonderfull!!
Now does anyone have any thanksgiving dinner suggestions and when should I make reservations?
Do not have thanksgiving dinner at nascar cafe. They had a thanksgiving buffet last year it was awful they need to stick with burgers and wings
Thanks for the reply. There has to be at least one place in the area with a good thanksgiving dinner.


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