Thanks to Disney Wedding CMs

Discussion in 'Just Say Thanks' started by mFont23, Aug 2, 2016.

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    Aug 1, 2016
    If you've ever wanted to plan a destination wedding, DISNEY IS THE PLACE! We did everything in less than 4 months, had to change our entire wedding a few weeks out.It was supposed to rain. But we had a coordinator that handled everything, they mailed periodic gifts to get us excited. The in-room celebration is something I'll never forget.

    Basically, we had the smallest wedding with the most magic I've ever seen. And it was all because of the people that work so hard for Disney Fairy Tale Weddings. I really appreciated feeling like a princess, even though there were only a handful of people there with us.

    Best part: our coordinator basically turned into a linebacker to keep people from even crossing the path outside the Poly as we had our ceremony. My brother told me that later, but I had no idea. It's all in the details, and I really can't thank them enough for being so patient and wonderful with us.

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