Thank You, Walt (Also His Birthday, Today)

Thank you Disney brothers and Happy Birthday Remembrance Walt!
A couple of us did a DISMeet in Marceline a few years ago (Jack, Joe, Jim, me) and families. It was very insightful to see the town that stimulated the imagination of those brothers. The museum in the old train depot was fascinating. It has an old wooden desk where Walt carved his name in the top while a school student. (or was it his initials?). Anyway, when he was an adult and returned for a visit, there is a photo of him in his suit pointing at his name on the desk.

And the trains.

And the inspiration for Main Street USA.

And the family barn (replica now).

And the family home.

They lived there only a few years but they were very impactful years.

So yes, Happy Birthday Walt! :bday:

Thanks for remembering, Rusty.



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